The Med Cafe

www.misopeckish.comThe Med also known as the Mediterranean Cafe located on the main street of Tauranga serving an all day brunch and lunch menu with a selection of counter food.    A great favourite amongst the locals.

If you have been to Elizabeth Cafe & Larder you may find something in common with the two cafes.   This art work on the wall in both cafes  have as similar style and you may wonder whether the two have in common.   Well let me tell you, they are both owned by Jo Brown.

I popped in here for an early morning coffee and muffin to take away.   The staff were very friendly who suggested that anything on their menu can be taken away if I wanted to, as I was not feeling hungry and was on a coffee run for Plus 1

There was not a lot of counterfood available as they had just open. But decided on a savoury rather than a sweet.

Savoury Muffin – Bacon, Ham, Courgette and Cheese – had a lot of flavour but was fairly dense and not as fluffy and light as I had hoped.  But did its job in filling that growing void I had in my stomach.

Flat White – Coffee beans by Karajoz, an Auckland coffee roaster.  Coffee here are single shot espresso.  Since coming from Wellington where double shot is the standard, I had to request for a double shot espresso where the extra shot for an additional cost.  One neat thing with the coffee, is that it comes with a small chocolate chip biscuit – a nice way to top off the coffee.

Location:  62 Devonport Road, Tauranga

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