Who ate all the pies? Paetiki Bakery – Award Winning Steak and Cheese Pie

www.misopeckish.comDespite our ever growing culinary diversification, of our love for the humble New Zealand pie, it does not seem to be diminishing.  But in fact a surge of new gourmet pies being made available in supermarkets swell as your local cafes dishing up a variety of the kiwi classics as well as gourmet pies.  The humble kiwi pie has come a long way from the greasy cheap pies from your corner dairy to your local petrol stations, where more emphasis is applied on the quality and taste bring the birth of gourmet pies in to the market where you can get pies ranging from $1-$15 or there abouts.

Every year a number of bakeries, cafes, supermarkets etc enter into the nationwide Bakels pie competition where a select number of judges, judge all the entries in search for New Zealand’s best pies.   Pies are entered in specific category such as Mince and Cheese, Seafood, Gourmet etc.   Winning these prestige awards helps promote the eatery to the wider community where people will come far and wide to taste these delicious snacks, like myself and some would even buy them by the dozens to take home.

When the 2014 Bakels award winners was announced this year I recall a shop in Taupo won a few gold awards for their pies.    It was a no brainer not to visit this pie shop – Paetiki Bakery who had won two golds with their Steak and Cheese and Seafood pies.


I tried to buy a pie on the Saturday when we arrived into Taupo, unfortunately they had already close for the day,  but  managed to get there on the Sunday as we departed Taupo.

Paetiki offers more than just pies.  Other items include sandwiches, cream doughnuts,  sweet and savoury slices and muffins etc.



Steak and Cheese – Cheese pies are not my favourite pies, I much prefer the good Steak and Mushroom pies.  However since this was a gold award winning pie, we decided to try one between the two of us.



The pastry was a bit soft, as if it had been quickly warmed in the microwave and then finished off in the pie warmer.  It has a slight buttery taste, but not too overwhelmingly butter.   I personally like my pastry to be flaky and crispy.  the filling had a misture of tender bits of steak and mince with some cheese on top.  It also had a lot of gravy which I did not appreciate as much.


After a few bites, I felt that a lot of fat was left lingering in my mouth and no amount of water I drank got rid of it.

The pie was good but not the best I have had.  It was good to see there was a mixture of chunky bits of meat aswell as mince.   This is probably the first time I have encounter this.

Paetiki is quite a popular bakery,  while we were there there were a handful of people buying up a large number of pies.  At $4.20 for a pie from  a small town, it is getting up there.  As my parents use to say to me when I was a kid that fish and chips cost them $0.50 , I can now say that back in my day when  I was at primary school, pies use to cost $1.50.

Location: 199 Rifle Range Road, Taupo

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