BB’s Orient Express

www.misopeckish.comEven though BB’s has changed owners within the last year, this place is still pretty good in terms of serving cheap, large serving sizes and fast Chinese food in the CBD part of town.

This is usually my go to place when I want some Chinese at lunch in the CBD area.  BB’s offers both a smorgasbord lunch where you can select 3, 5, 8 choices or something off the menu.   They even offer a limited selection of baked and steamed buns.  I must admit I am not a smorgasbord person and usually order off the menu or grab a bun to go.

What I have noticed is that other Asians who dine here also order off the menu.

Chicken Corn Soup – Very thick due to the large amount of starch added to thicken the soup.  Little amounts of chicken, however something is better than nothing.

Pork Mince Steam Bun –  Fairly pretty, however this time round or perhaps due to the change in owners the filling of mince pork seems to be lacking somewhat.  The bun itself has a nice white colour, soft and fluffy.

The pork mince with the inclusion of some broccoli stalks and spring onion, was well seasoned and not too tightly packed.  The vegetables included in the bun varies depending what they have available

Custard Bun – This use to be a regularly available, however in recent times I notice these have not been available on a regular basis.  The bun itself if fairly large, with a nice golden crunchy topping.   The bun is nice and soft as you would expect from Asian bread.  There is very little custard inside which does not bother me as I do generally like the plain Pineapple Buns (without the filling).

Wonton Noodle with BBQ Pork Soup – noodles made with wheat noodles with season vegetables (usually bok choy), but today’s dish had broccoli, 4 Wontons and some sliced BBQ Pork.

The meat inside the wontons are nicely packed, not to dense enough to hold itself together but comes apart when its in your mouth.

Wonton and BBQ Pork Soup – The difference between the Wonton and BBQ Pork soup and the Wonton Noodle and BBQ Pork soup is more wontons to make up for the loss of noodles.

Roast Duck and BBQ Pork Noodle Soup – It is always a pot luck with the roast duck. Some days it may be lean, other days the duck could be fatty.  But regardless, roast duck is succulent, tender and full of flavour.  Even though the same broth is used for all the noodle soups, it is the ingredients that make the broth taste slightly different.

Serving sizes of the items that are ordered off the menu are relatively large where one dish can be shared between two.  Out of all the ‘express’ Chinese lunches in the CBD, I think this is one of the better places (excluding Long Bar on Brandon Street)

Location:  179 Lambton Quay, (Harbour City Shopping Centre, Shop 17A) Wellington Central

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