Osteria Del Toro

www.misopeckish.comOsteria Del Toro is a  Mediterranean restaurant which is located  underneath X Base Backpackers where you will see a cute little Fiat 500 sitting outside most of the time.

The interior is eye opening, and grandular with beautiful mosaics on the ceilings, padded columns and large thick drapes on the windows which are tied with oversized rope giving you a sense of someone important.

With such extravagant surroundings, you’d expect a meal here to be expensive, but it’s not.

Osteria Del Toro offers a selection of pizza, pasta, mains which includes tagine, fish stew, risotto, chicken parmigiana, so there sure to be something for everyone.

We arrived to a full house, however a couple was about to leave, so we were taken to the bar for a drink while the staff cleared the table.   The bar tender was extremely friendly and helpful, explaining to use the various drinks that were on offer and his recommendations as I was struggling to decide on a drink between a handful of options which I had narrowed it down to.


A good selection of New Zealand and International wines and cocktails are available.


As soon as we placed our drink orders, one of the staff members came by informing us that our table was ready, in which we proceeded to our table.

Garlic Flowerpot bread – interesting concept to use a terracotta flowerpot, but I would understand how that would work, as the terracotta pot act in a similar way to a pizza stone by providing a hot surface and where heat is retained.  the bread itself was soft and buttery where the butter leaked from the bottom of the flowerpot.   There was good amounts of garlic where you could actually taste the garlic bread.


Squid and Chorizo Salad – squid and chorizo is a good combination.  the squid was nicely cooked where there is still a slight bite to it.  The chorizo had a good spice to it.


Lamb Shoulder Roast with Potatoes to share – the lamb was nicely cooked where it was still moist inside and was easy to pull apart with our forks.   Fairly rich and heavy dish in which i thanked myself for ordering a light salad.


Cream Catalana w Caramelised Orange Flavoured Cream Custard.   Cream catalana/cream caramel is Plus 1’s favourite.  I am not such a fan of this as its basically cream with geletine.  The dessert was creamy as you would expect with a good hint of orange.   The cream catalana had a good wobble to it when you give the plate a slight shake.


Affogato – It is always pleasing to see an affogato where you pour the coffee onto the scoop of ice cream yourself.  The vanilla ice cream is smooth, silky and creamy that went well with the espresso shot.


Good food, good service and is the type of restaurant where it looks pretentious, but is not. Staff are friendly, welcoming and attentive.  The decor is exquisite and interesting which keeps your eyes wandering taking everything in.   One thing about this place, is that their menu does not change often, which means you can dine here one one year and when you come again the following year, you can expect to see the same if not similar items on the menu.

Location:  60 Tory St, Te Aro, Wellington 

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