Korean Country House

www.misopeckish.comNot wanting to go to Wagamama’s for our team lunch I suggested going to one of the places which is always suggested by one of my colleges every time we decide to go somewhere for lunch – Siem Reap, but then he suggested Korean – Korean Country House.

Korean Country house is a small clean restaurant which has set of two and four seated tables.  There were five of us and we asked whether we could move another table so we can comfortable sit five.  The staff initially said no, but after some discuss they allowed us to move a table.


Condiments – our mains comes with a number of small condiments to share which included seaweed, kimchi, bean sprouts and potatoes. Some of which I enjoyed while others I did not.

Jeyuk Bookum – Pan Fried Marinated Pork and Vegetables .  I was informed that dish dish was spicy, and i was up for that.  Having previously visited South Korea, I knew how spicy their food could be.  So I was expecting something fairly spice.  The dish came out  on a sizzling hot plate, but it was not sizzling.   The pork was not spicy what so ever, even adding additional spice it still was not spicy.



Bulgogi lacked the marinated beef that should come with a bulgogi.   The bulgogi was not as sweet or flavoursome as the one I had recently at Arriang.  Fairly average dish.


The menu is short, the restaurant is clean, food is fairly average which lacked spice and seasoning.   Nothing to write home about.  Would I come again? Probably not, as there are nicer Korean restaurants in Wellington.

Location:  50 Manners Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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