Mac’s Brewbar

www.misopeckish.comThis seems to be a popular establish especially during the summer months where patrons spill out side to enjoy the sun and the waterfront views.      I have always been meaning to give this place a try and now I have been given the opportunity to, as a work course I took was being held at one of Mac’s Brewbar function centre which was held over two days.

The bar is at the back so that the tables and patrons can enjoy the views of the waterfront.  The large windows allows a lot of natural light and sun to shine in.

What annoyed me was that we had to order our lunch during our morning tea.  But then I guess this was to ensure our food came out quickly.

A large table in the restaurant was reserved for us, we then placed our drink orders and not to long afterwards the mains started to arrive.

Long Macchiato – Coffee beans are by Mojo, another local Wellington coffee roasters.  The coffee was ok.   Not the best, slightly hot, but it did come with a jaffa.

Side Salad – consisting of mesculin leaves, tomatoes grated carrots and cucumber with a light vinaigrette dressing.   Nothing very interesting here, but I needed something to help balance the fish and chips that I am about to eat.

Fish and Chips – I was expecting the fish and chips here would be beer battered, since we were at a brewery.  I was mistaken and disappointed.   The fish was warehau which a relatively cheap and firm fish.   At first glance the fish and chips looked appealing, however the fish fillets had a lot of batter with no fish in sight and the fish I did have, it did not taste very fresh.

The chips at the top were crunchy, the others were all soggy and limp.   There definitely was not enough tomato sauce to go round the fish and the chips itself and I ended up ordering another serving of tomato sauce.  Not the best fish and chips I have had at a bar/pub.  I was expecting beer battered fish and chips being at a brewbar and all.

Grilled Chicken Salad –  Looked pretty good and definitely was filling, more satisfying than the fish and chips to be honest.  The green leaves were fresh and crisp.

Food arrived promptly since we had ordered during morning tea.   The food menu is not very interesting.  For a brewery I was expecting beer battered fish and chips but that was not the case.   Mac’s Brewbar does offer a good indoor and outdoor seating with views over Wellington harbour.

Location:  4 Taranaki St, Wellington

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  1. Ben says:

    Did you order fish and chips and grilled chicken?

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