Fuel Espresso – Waring Taylor

www.misopeckish.comA few years ago Fuel Coffee stops use to be littered around Wellington, in recent years they have cut back on the number of outlets/locations.

This was perhaps the first time in a long time that I had a coffee at Fuel on Waring Taylor St opposite Midland Park.

This is a coffee stop shop opened primarily to serve people coffee on the go.  There is a very small selection of counterfood. but their emphasis is fast take away coffee.




Long Black – Restraining myself to one cup of espresso coffee a week, I decided to go slim and ordered a long black.    The coffee was hot, as you would expect but was dark but not overly bitter.   Quite a nice coffee.


Hot Chocolate – Plus 1 always comes here for hot chocolate as he thinks it is the best hot chocolate on this side of town.   I am unsure why but to me, the hot chocolate tastes just that. like a hot chocolate.  It is neither too watery nor to rich.  I find that it has a hint of coffee, but then again I do not tend to drink hot chocolate.

Fuel coffee has locations in Hong Kong and Shanghai  which is very popular, as coffee in Asia tends to be more on the sweet novelty side and it is only recently where the local consumers have adapted to good quality coffee.  I know when I am in Hong Kong and am wanting a good double shot espresso I would opt for Fuel.

Location:  46 Waring Taylor Street, Wellington

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