Arirang Korean Restaurant

www.misopeckish.comDecided to give Arirang a Korean restaurant a  ry seen they have been open for a few months now, where they would have had time to iron out any opening issues they may have encountered.

The restaurant is light and clean with a decent number of tables available.   The clientele were fairly young – students and  young professionals.  It was not to long after we sat down that the restawww.misopeckish.comurant was full and some had to be turned away.

The food seems quite authentic with the usual eats you would get in Korean such as Tteokbokki (Rice cakes with Hot Sauce) Jabchaebap (fried sweet potato noodles with vegetables wit pork and prawn, Bulgogi sweet beef stew etc.

We ordered a selection of items to share.

Jabchaebap – Stir Fried Noodles, Vegetables, Pork & Prawn W/ Rice – I had no idea that this dish came with rice.  the plate was half noodles an half rice.   If i had known I would have chose to have noodles only. the noodles were delicious! and exactly as I remember it to be when we had this in Seoul.  Sweet, slightly chewy and full of flavour with .  the prawns were not whole prawns but broken prawns and small slices of pork

We were given a number of condiments which the above dish, but I amunsure whether this specific dish included the condiments, or whether they give a set out to each table.

Galbijjim – Slow Cooked Beef Spare Rip Stew W/ Rice  – The stew was dark and slightly sweet, the beef was tender but not so tender that it melted in your mouth.

Dakbokumtang – Chicken Stew W/ Vegetables, Potatoes (Slowly Cooked) –  we came across this while in Seoul but it came with sweet potato noodles in a sweet soy sauce with lots of chicken and potatoes.  Having such good experience I thought it would be the same.  I was wrong.  The chicken seemed like it was cooked in water before they were placed in the stew, where I found the chicken to be tasteless and dry.  the sauce was more like a spicy red sauce than a sweet dark soy sauce base.

Good little restaurant serving authentic Korean food.  You just need to be aware that some Korean dishes can be fairly spicy.  So if you cannot take too much spice, I recommend that you inform them to not add to much spice.    The food is full of flavour with the exception of the Dakbokumtang which had no taste.

Location:  87 Guzhnee Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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