www.misoepckish.comMost of you would have tried one of Taiwan’s famous beverages – the bubble tea, at one stage during your life and Chatime is no exception.  Chatime is a tea cafe offering authentic tea experience and is known as the fresh tea specialist in Taiwan.

Chatime Tea and Coffee is a well-known bubble tea brand in the Asia-pacific region,  while providing Melbournians the luxury in enjoying fast and delicious beverages to help quench the thirst of those thirsty patrons.

Whenever I see a bubble tea store, it is generally a must stop place for me.  This is a great thirst quencher which goes well with anything you eat from burgers to noodles to fries etc.

I ordered a large tea to share with Plus 1.   There was a short wait as all drinks are made to order.

Kumquat Green Tea – I asked for 25% sugar and 25% ice with pearls.  With the reduced amount of sugar the drink was fairly tart, as you would guess kumquat is not the sweetest of fruits you can get.  But was a good welcoming cold drink.   the bubbles flavourless but soft and chewy.  the bubbles (pearl).

To be honest with all the various branded shops serving bubble tea, I cannot taste the difference.  but then again I am no connoisseur.  I do notice some shops offer more or less flavours, so it really depends which stall is closest to you at the time you are wanting some bubble tea.

Location:  Shop 152A, Level 1, Melbourne Central, 211 Latrobe Street, Melbourne, Australia

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