Panzerotti Di Cerignola

www.misopeckish.comMy first experience of panzerottti which is best described as a smaller version of a calzonie pizza but instead of baked it is deep fried in Milan, Italy – Luini’s Panzerotti, which I must say is the best I have ever tasted.
Not only do they offer Savior panzerotti, they also offer breakfast, vegetarian and sweet panzerotti.

Having stumbled upon Panzerotti Di Cerignola in Melbourne Plus 1 and I were overwhelmed that we were able to re experience the wonderful flavours of the panzerotti.
Having received a specific request to purchase some panzerotti to take back to the hotel for Plus 1, I was under pressure to get to The Panerotti Shop before it closes at 6pm.    I arrived around 5.30pm  and not many flavours were available unfortunately.
Traditional – Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil.  Nothing beats the traditional flavours.  Not only is it simple but delicious.  Just like Italian pasta.  The more simpler a pasta is, the more delicious it is.  The dough is slightly crispy on the outside but soft inside.  These tend to be best eaten hot.
I couldn’t see many bits of basil. I suspect dried basil was used over fresh basil leaves.  Good proportion of mozzarella was provided.   Tomato paste was used, which did not overkill the panzerotti.  A simple flavoured panzarotti that works, just like Italian pasta, the simplier it is the more tasty it is.
Capriccio – Ham, Mushroom, Mozarella and Tomato –  nice soft, moist thickish dough encasing thinly sliced ham, mushroom with lots of stretchy mozzarella.   I could not see nor taste any tomato. I am unsure whether its because of the lack of lighting at the hotel or there really was very little tomato.   The outside of the panzerotti was crispy and the filling still warm having walked the panzerotti for 15 minutes in the cold.     The panzerotti would have been nicer if it was consumed on the spot, but unfortunately I thought I would wait and share my experience with plus one.
Calabria – Salami, Mozarealla, Tomato –  diced salami, good serving of mozarealla.  I found the salami to be slightly too salty however plus 1 preferred this panzerotti over the Ham one.  Where as I preferred the ham over the salami.  Again the outside was nice and crispy.  As you bite through the panzerotti, the juices from the succulent filling flows into your mouth and the softness of the dough, it just took me heaven.  dough encasing the succulent filling.
Even though panzerotti are best eaten while they are still hot, they still make a good snack  cold.  Even though they areno longer crunchy on the outside, the dough is still soft and the filings were still succulent and full of flavour.
With anything you eat that is slightly runny gravity will always take place.  the filling always slips to the bottom of the panzerotti.  They are not the cheapest of cheap eats at $6 a pop for savoury panzerotti. and sweet panzerotti are slightly cheaper.
Location:  Shop 1c/ 289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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