Charming Spice

www.misopeckish.comWalking along Lonsdale Street looking at a few restaurant menus here and there, we saw Charming Spice, a Sichuan restaurant specialising in all things hot (chilli).

The restaurant itself is located upstairs on level 1 with a set of lunch and dinner menu posted by the door.

The lunch menu seemed quite cheap where meals were around $10. I saw many people going for the mini hotpot deal- $8.80 for a bowl of something soupy , rice and a drink! – quite a good bargain to be honest.

Just a word of warning, anything containing chilli is extremely hot, so if you cannot handle any spice, I suggest you go elsewhere.

Boiled Dumplings with Chilli Oil – 15 beautiful boiled dumplings filled the plate.  Each dumpling was succulent, juicy and well seasoned.  As you bite into it juices from the dumpling poured into your mouth, in a similar way when eating xiao long bao.  The addition of the chilli sauce provided a nice welcoming spicy hit.  Sauce is fragrant & very spicy.  These are best eaten while they are still hot. When they get cold the skins harden and the filling is not as juicy as when the dumplings are hot.

Sichuan Dandan Noodles – Lots of sauteed mince on wheat noodles floating in a spicy chili sauce.  The noodles still had a good bite to it.  the meat was well seasoned.

Mixed Meat HotPot – selection of meats ranging from sausage, beef, fish balls and poached fish slices in a very spicy chilli sauce

Poached Fish with Sweet Potato Noodles Hotpot – lots of bean sprouts, which gave the dish a good crunch.  Noodles were delicious, which seemed to expand as the chilli soup the longer they sat there.  Lots of poached fish slices.  generous chunks of smoothly cooked fish filled

Hand Made Green Bean Jelly in Chilli Sauce and Mustard – something different to the usual  ‘something’ in chilli soup/sauce.   I found this to be quite refreshing as it was cold.  However eating the green bean jelly without any chilli sauce or mustard was quite bland.  This dish is similar to the cold glass nooodle dish that you would get elsewhere

Charming spice is  value for money.  The food is very spicy, so if you are looking for some good cheap spicy food, then look no further.

Location: Level 1, 276 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Australia

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