The Grain Store

www.misopeckish.comOur flight arrived bright and early in the morning.  Having just got off the airport bus, plus 1 was complaining that he was getting pretty hungry. I suggested to go to The Grain Store as it was on the way to the hotel.  We arrived with our bags where the staff was more than happy to tell us where we could place our bags on the side of the restaurant – out of the way.   

We were there fairly early in the morning, where were only a few handful of tables were occupied, so we had the option to choose where we wanted to sit.

The cafe restaurant quality dishes in a casual, Scandinavian style setting with a good selection of food from the menu .  The Grain Store is open for breakfast all the way through for dinner.

There is a good selection of freshly baked sweet and savoury counterfood for those who want something quick on the go.

Flat White – coffee beans by Vittoria.   The coffee deliciously smooth and brewed at the right temperature. There was nothing to fault with the coffee.

Portobello Mushroom & Gruyere Potato Rosti with poached eggs w hazelnut hollandaise, sunchoke chips and a side of salmon was fairly decent.  The egg however was not cooked properly as the egg white was still runny.   Having informed one of the staff members, who told me that is how it was cooked, I still was not happy about it, so they took my meal back and poached another egg cooking it slightly more so that the egg white was cooked leaving a runny yolk.  I was expecting the salmon to be hot smoked, but it was not.  It is not the best salmon that I have had.

I was expecting the rosti to be grated potato, that is then formed into a patty, this was not the case.  It was more of  roughly mashed potatoes formed into a patty and then pan fried which I found to be quite unusual.  I handed most of my rosti to plus one as I am not much of a fan of potato.   The hollandaise sauce was nice and creamy however I could not taste any hazelnut unfortunately – perhaps they forgot the hazelnut.  If you could order a bowl of sunchoke chips, I probably would have ordered one.  These were contagious, one you have had one you definitely do not want to stop.

Ginger Beer Gammon Steak w Smokey Borlotti Beans with fried egg, nashi pear fritters, remoulade, salsa verde, apple vincotto  – the borotti beans were the highlight of the dish, here it had a nice spicy flavour to it.   Plus 1 managed to swap the fried egg with a poached egg which they were able to cater for.

The nashi pear fritter was interesting, a light batter encasing a nicely poached sweet nashi pear.  The gammon steak was thick, which was succulent with a hint of gingerbeer which was not too overwhelming.

The Grain Store is a modern homely space that produces fresh flavoured, restaurant quality food at cafe prices.  If you arrive late morning, expect a short wait for a table to be come free, otherwise I would advise to make a booking ahead of time.

Location:  517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia

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