Charlie & Co Burgers

www.misopeckish.comPopping into the new Emporium mall in Melbourne which had recently opened a few months ago, we snaked ourselves around  the various levels and onto the food court where we saw a long line at Charlie & Co Burgers.  As we walked closer the smell of truffle started to fill the air which reeled me in closer and closer.

Charlie & Co Burgers offers a range of beef, chicken and vege burgers.

We jumped in the queue to order a burger to share between us.   We were given this beeper that beeps, flashes and vibrate when our burger is ready to be collected.  Even though there were a number of people waiting for their burgers to be cooked, we did not have to wait to long for our burger as there was a production chain in the kitchen cooking and assembling the burgers one after the other.

The burger and fries were served on a  plate which allows for ease of carry to our table.

Charlie Classic – wagu pattie, tomato, gherkins, garden leaves, aoili, tomato sauce and cheese.  This is the cheapest and most basic variant of Charlies beef burgers.  The burger bun is fresh and soft and lightly toasted.  The thick beef pattie was cooked perfectly where it was still pink in the middle.

Parmesan & Truffle Fries – OMG!, I have not had such ‘posh’ chips from a food court nor from a burger joint until I came here.   There was more than enough truffle in which you can smell and taste through the fries and good generous serving of Parmesan.   Each chip was cooked beautifully where each were golden and crispy.

I do not think these are the cheapest burgers in town, but for its convenience in a food court where your other dining companions can order other cuisines if they do not feel like burgers.   Emporium Melbourne is a classy destination and the high ceilings and natural light, plus modern tables and chairs, providing a welcoming and casual dining option.

Location:  Store 60, Level 3, Emporium Melbourne, 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

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