Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant

www.misopeckish.comGrand Harbour the sister restaurant to Grand Park which is one of the premier dim sum restaurants in the CBD.  Being happy with the dim sum at Grand Park, we thought we would give Grand Harbour a try,  to see whether their dim sum are similar to their sister restaurant.

We arrived pretty late in the afternoon around 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. There was just a short wait for a table to be cleared.   As we took our seats one of the staff members asked us what tea we would like.  I responded with chrysanthemum.

The majority of the clientele here were predominately Caucasian.  with a selected handful of Chinese.   A pictured dim sum menu is available on the table  so you can see what is on offer and order them if you don’t see them being pushed around in the carts.

Most of the dim sum dishes are pushed around in carts with staff members shouting out if you want any.

Food started to arrive left, right and centre.  and ordered the usual for the base of comparison

Sui Mai – these were perhaps the highlight of our lunch.  juicy and succulent pork mince and roughly chopped pork meat.  Nicely seasoned.

Har Goa – These little morsels looked good with a thin transparent skin.   the filling was more or less minced prawn meat with very small chunks of prawns.  It was ok but not the best I have had.

Prawn and Coriander Dumplings – Good proportion of coriander to the prawn filling which was a combination of minced prawn and small chunks of prawn.

Mushroom Rice Roll – an assortment of mushrooms which includes shitake, woodear, straw mushrooms were mixed through. the rice roll itself was fairly thick and the sauce was not as flavoursome as it could be. fairly runny intend of the delicious thick slightly sweet, slightly salty sauce you would come to expect from a good rice roll sauce.

Beef Ribs – these had a nice flavour to it, black bean, bit of five spice etc.  Fairly large pieces and fairly lean.  the pieces which I had were daily tender, but Plus 1 thought they were tough.

Beef Balls – I tend not to order this as I had a fair few of these when I was a kid so got sick of them, but Plus 1 wanted  one so was forced to help him eat it.  These balls were not as tight as I had thought. They were fairly loose which was good.  I hate eating meatballs that have been handled too much which tends to get fairly tough.

Tofu Pudding – extremely large bowl of tofu pudding. – I was happy with the serving size.   The sweet sugar syrup had a hint of ginger which gave it a slightly refreshing flavour to it.   The tofu pudding was not as smooth as it could be, but it was fairly soft.

The chilli sauce here is quite nice and one of the nicer ones I have had in New Zealand.  Slightly spicy which went well with selected dim sum items.

Dim sum here is good, but it is fairly expensive.   I would come back if someone shouted me, but would not bother making effort to come into the CBD for yum cha.  English is widely spoken, however I did receive some conversation in Mandarin.   Service is a bit hit and miss.  There were times when I had requested for something and it never came.  Even though Grand Park is the sister restaurant, I much prefer Grand Park over Grand Harbour.

Location:  Corner Pakenham St & Viaduct Harbour, Customs Street West, Auckland

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10 Responses to Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant

  1. Jeremy says:

    Do you get taken out quite a lot or do you only go if someone shouts you? Is it custom for yum cha to only go if you are being shouted? Do you not decide on the place of choice?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      No I do not get taken out a lot. I am merely saying this place is fairly expensive (in yum cha terms) and average. There are better and cheaper options available.

  2. Jeremy says:

    So you wouldn’t recommend I take my family to this restaurant? Which options would you recommend? I have 3 teenagers and 1 child with very picky taste requirements, but love yum cha as a treat

    • MisoPeckish says:

      The best yum cha that I have been to in Auckland so far is Sunworld in New Market. Good variety, allows booking for eg. 2 people (but that will not be an issue with you and your kids), where as Grand Harbour takes bookings for larger groups, and is more expensive. Please note: this is my opinion.

      Which yum cha places have you been to? and which of those have you enjoyed?

  3. Jackie says:

    Didn’t you say Grand Harbour was expensive? This is confusing. I Think the North Shore is the best for Yum Cha. Great quality and reasonable pricing

    • MisoPeckish says:

      Sorry, yes I find Grand Harbour to be more expensive than Sunworld. Which yum cha place do you recommend in the North Shore? I have never ventured out to North Shore for yum cha before.

  4. Serenity says:

    I love steamed beef balls.
    So your plus 1’s balls weren’t as tight as you usually like them? Maybe he didn’t his handle so much before he gave to you and kept them nice and loose.

    • MisoPeckish says:

      No, we hate tough/tightly packed meatballs of any type. From past yum cha experiences, most of the meatballs that we have had, had been handled alot which causes the meatball to be tough. These were the opposite ie better than what I was expecting.

  5. Miles says:

    What about Italian balls? I hear those should be quite firm, but soft to touch. Do you go to many Italian restaurants? Where is the best you have tried?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      When we have Italian, I tend to eat non-meatball dishes. However Baduzzi’s meatballs In Auckland are delicious. Not tightly packed and full of flavour.

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