Airline Review: Hello Kitty Jet by Eva Air – Economy – Tokyo Haneda to Taipei Songshang

www.misopeckish.comSome of you may have already read, seen or have heard about Eva Air’s Sanrio theme jet planes.   During a trip around Asia I made an effort to book myself on one of these theme jets to see and experience what all the fuss was about.

Our flight departed Tokyo’s city airport Haneda to Taipei’s city airport Songshan on an Airbus A330-300.  Which was the Hello Kitty jet itself sporting a large Hello Kitty.  I was expecting the All Stars jet, as I had previously researched which Sanrio theme aircraft we would be flying in.

As you walk into the aircraft you soon notice from the head rest covers, cushions, blankets, the plastic bags in which the headphones were wrapped in etc are all themed with Hello Kitty.  Even the toilet paper has Hello Kitty imprinted on it.  I was surprised people had not ‘flogged’ off with all the toilet paper to be honest.

Eva Air cabin crew were very friendly and helpful and what I have noticed with Asian airline cabin crew, they definitely work to earn their money.   As I was travelling with my mum who is a bit shorter than me, was struggling to put her bag up in the overhead lockers and before I was able to help her out one of the cabin crew stepped in to help her out.

A small meal was provided soon after take off.   As usual with meal service, the cabin crew changed uniforms in this case took off their jackets to sport a pink Hello Kitty apron, which can be purchased from the duty free magazine along with a small selection of Hello Kitty theme accessories.

The utensils were Hello Kitty themed and so were the paper packets that housed the chopsticks .   I was thinking to myself this would be such a good experience for a child.  If I was impresses with all this Hello Kitty stuff, they certainly will be impressed also.



Cold Soba noodles with Noodle Sauce was delicious especially if you are hungry and a fan of soba.  There was also a warm bread roll for those who do not enjoy the noodles or those who were wanting more food to fill their tummys.


Fish w noodles – salmon fish was cooked through. there was a cubed tofu which had a Hello Kitty imprinted on it – talk about attention to detail or what.  The noodles itself was dry and needed more sauce.  the vegetables were over cooked.

Pork with rice and Vegetables – was good and well seasoned. pork was tender and succulent.  there was an accompany sausage that had Hello Kitty imprinted on it.  I found the peas to be slightly dry.


Marshmallow Slice with a Hello Kitty biscuit soft fluffy marshmellow topped on a soft biscuit base with chocolate chips.   It was nice touch to see a Hello Kitty shaped biscuit


The Verdict

The food was good, but I was not very hungry as I had something to eat prior to the flight and I was saving myself for some good dumplings at Ding Tai Fung in Taipei.   I must admit, the food is much better than what you would get on Airline shorthaul flights.  The service was excellent, as I original sat in the wrong seat, which I then had to move.  I left my phone on the seat and one of the air hostess returned it before I had even realised it was missing.

If you are flying into or out of Taipei, I definitely recommend trying one of the Sanrio theme aircraft out, this is probably the only airline that offers a cute themed flight with the exception of AIRNZ,  which usually has their planes painted with something Hobbit related.

I flew Eva Air A330-300

Eva Air flies from between Tokyo and Taipei several times a day with All Nippon Airlines (ANA), but only one return flight is on the themed Sanrio aircraft.

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4 Responses to Airline Review: Hello Kitty Jet by Eva Air – Economy – Tokyo Haneda to Taipei Songshang

  1. Jenny says:

    Did plus 1 like his sausage with Hello Kitty printed on it?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      I was actually travelling with my mum. But yes she thought the flight was a nice novelty. Even before we bored she saw the giant Hello Kitty painted on the plane and wanted me to take a picture of the plane with her in the photo.

  2. Serenity says:

    OMG!!! Do they still have these planes? What month did you go? My daughter would love this.

    • MisoPeckish says:

      I went in May. Sorry the post was a bit delayed getting on here as it was only a recent decision to include reviews on airlines. Definitely they still use these Sanrio themed flights. You just need to ensure you catch the right flight that uses the themed aircrafts. I loved it, your daughter will love it even more.

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