Ti Kouka’s New Spring Menu you say?

www.misopeckish.comI heard word that Ti Kouka had just released their new spring menu, so I decided to take Plus 1 along with me since he did not join me on my last escapade during Wellington on a Plate, where I was satisfied with my meal.

I made a reservation a couple hours ahead of time just to guarantee a seat, as i know that this place tends to get pretty busy during the lunch time rush.

As we walked in we were welcomed by the friendly staff who were at the counter and taken to our table.   Before we jumped on the walking school bus, the food cabinet at the front caught my attention with their selection of sweet cakes and slices where i slowly admired  them and thinking whether I should get one for dessert.


After examining the food cabinet I turned around where the waitress was waiting for us.    where we then proceeded to our await table.  We were promptly provided with both the drinks and food menu and a bottle of water, which gave us time to ponder on the menu.   Having studied the menu online just moments earlier I knew exactly what I was going to get.

Fresh Fish of the Day w cauliflower, quinoa, yellow curry, sprouted rye & lemon crust – Today’s fish was snapper.  Having had something similar on my last visit, I was expecting a large piece of protein as I was soo famished having held off snacking during the morning for this meal which I was looking forward to.


I barely spoke a couple of words to Plus1  before our mains arrived. The food service was very quick especially when the place was fairly full.  Mind you most people seemed to be ordering burgers rather than mains.

I immediately noticed how small the piece of fish was  on my dish.  Definitely smaller than my last visit.  I was a bit disappointed to be honest, barely had a few mouthfuls and it was gone.

The bed of quinoa that the fish was sitting on, was delicious. There was something in there giving it a good crunch to it as I did not have time to examine properly as Plus 1 was motoring along on his main.  Plus 1 who isn’t a huge fan of ‘healthy’ eating though the quinoa and the accompany sauce was delicious.

Boom Rock Lamb w/ hand-rolled mini noodles, shitake mushrooms & black garlic.  Noodles were long which had been fried after they were cooked making them slight dry at the ends.  Two types of lamb, slow braised lamb that falls apart in your mouth and sliced lamb rump.  the sliced lamb had a distinctively strong lamb flavour, the braised lamb did not have such a strong flavour but certainly carried the flavours of what it was braised in. a heavy tomato based sauce.  Lots of fresh shitake which I love.


Unsatisfied with my main (fish) I decided to order a dessert, today’s special was a bread and butter pudding.

Bread and Butter pudding.  Serving size was just right.  Slight warm and not too heavy.  the pudding itself looked dense but was fairly light and fluffy.  the roasted rhubarb was delicious with just the right amount of sweetness where you can still taste a hint of tartness with a hint of sweetness from the sugar.


What I noticed with the dishes that we ordered, was similar to Wellington on a Plate menu with minuscule differences.  But none the less it was delicious.   Not the cheapest of places to dine for lunch but definitely packs the punch in terms of flavour and service.

Location:  72 Willis Street, Wellington

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