Zumo Coffee House

www.misopeckish.comZumo coffee is a local coffee roaster in Nelson with its own store serving a selection of coffee from single origin to mixed blends.

The cafe serves 7 different types of beans in your usual espresso style coffee with a limited amount of counterfood consisting of scones and muffins.


  1. SUMATRA – Earthy and smooth (Fair Trade & Organic)
  2. COLOMBIA – Sweet and mellow  (Fair Trade & Organic)
  3. PERFECT BEAN – Balanced and fresh (Fair Trade, Organic & Rain Forest Alliance Certified)
  4. ZUMO-ONE – Smooth and balanced (Fair Trade & Organic)
  5. ZUMO-TWO – Full of flavour (Fair Trade & Organic)
  6. ZUMO-THREE – Dark and strong (Fair Trade & Organic)
  7. ZUMO DECAF – Swiss style (Fair Trade & Organic)


The staff were very friendly informing me of the choices and the texture and flavours of each of the coffees they offered and were able to recommend a blend for me.

The cafe is relaxed, light and airy with plenty of space.  There are a couple of large communal tables at one end of the cafe and then the roaster at the other end.

www.misopeckish.com www.misopeckish.com www.misopeckish.com

Flat White with Zumo Three.  Having had little sleep the night before I was after something potent that kick start my morning.   I ordered the coffee to take away.  Not knowing how hot the coffee was, I took a big gulp and ended up burning my mouth.  The coffee tasted burnt and was more watery than velvety.  I ended up drinking half before giving up.


Even though the service was informative and friendly the coffee was not as good as I would expect from a coffee roaster.   They should have nailed it every time seen their primary focus is on coffee.

Location:  Corner Rutherford & Bridge Streets, Nelson

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    How many cups of coffee do you have?

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