Lambretta’s Cafe

www.misopeckish.comI was drawn into this cafe primarily of their display of old Lambrettas both indoors and outdoors that is no longer in use.  We walked in, hoping to find something for lunch, unfortunately there was nothing on the menu really tickled my fancy at the time.    They had a number of counterfood which included sandwiches, bread rolls, sweet slices, pies, filo parcels, salads etc.   The pies looked really goo, but I did not think to much about it and walked out as I wanted something a little bit more healthier.

The interior is littered with a number of Lambrettas memorabilia including the machines itself which make is a relatively interesting environment to be in as there is always something for the eye to look at.

It was not until later in the afternoon that I was craving for that pie I saw at Lambretta’s, so I made the conscious decision to come here for brunch the following morning.  I got up early to get there within half an hour of them opening on Sunday.  But to my sad demise, the pies were not ready.  Plus 1 thought I was hopeful getting up early and expecting the pies to be ready.

Haven spoken to one of the friendly staff members, I was able to reserve one, which I would come back to later in the afternoon.   My name was not taken, so I was a bit hesitant whether the pie would still be there  when I would return later in the afternoon.

I made the conscious decision to go back there around 2pm, as I knew I may regret it.   To my surprise nothing in the warmer was left except this one pie (my pie).   The waitress recognised me and told that I was lucky having reserved a pie as they were very popular today.

Steak and Ale Pie – The pie was served with a side of sweet chilli jam.  The pie itself was nice. The pastry was crispy, unlike some pies where you can clearly tell that a pie had been warmed in a microwave.

The pie itself had a lots of chunky tender meat, which was delicious.  I can not recall the last time i had a pie with so much meat in it, with the exception of my local New World pie in Wellington.  The only downside if I were to be picky is that it slacked seasoning.  another dash or two of salt would have made it perfect.

Flat White Coffee – Coffee beans by Pomeroys which is a local Christchurch coffee roaster.  Lambretta uses a blend specific for them called ‘Ignition’.   The coffee is good, right temperature and strong.  We were asked if we wanted a single or double shot, which clearly means coffee in Nelson does not come with the usual double shot espresso as per the coffee you get in Wellington.  Plus 1 thought the coffee was a bit to strong (bitter) but I thought it was quite nice.

Great cafe, with a good selection of menu and counterfood available.  Friendly staff who go that extra mile to keep their customers happy and satisfied.  And if you are fond of scooters particularly Lambretta’s, then this cafe is a must for you.

Location:  204 Hardy Street, Nelson

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