Humbug Cafe

www.misopeckish.comVisiting a friend M who lives out in this part of Auckland we decided to go somewhere close by in which M  suggested this cafe he frequents fairly often.  Not having been this far West of Auckland was an experience for me.

We arrived with ample of parking directly outside the cafe.  The cafe is split into two,  where one half houses a children’s play area with a few tables of old school tables and chairs.  The main area housing more tables and an open kitchen.  The cafe is light and airy with a very relaxed atmosphere offering a good selection of sweet and savoury counter food swell as a good selection of food from the menu ranging from your usual brunch items to schnitzel burgers, salads etc.

Long Black – Coffee beans are by Millers a local coffee bean roaster.  Double shot is standard for a long black.  Coffee was nice and strong and exactly what I was after

Flat White – Standard flat white here comes with a single shot of espresso.  Coming from Wellington a single shot espresso is unheard of, so Plus 1 asked for an additional shot of espresso.  The coffee was ok according to Plus one and how it was made at the right temperature.

Bagel Chicken Schnitzel Burger w tomato lettuce and chill it tomato chutney – comes with a side of beer battered fries which were delicious. Golden and crispy on the outside nicely seasoned and came with some nice thick tomato sauce.

The chicken breast had a light bread crumb coating which was moist. the burger bun was soft and light – a passable burger.

Chilli Prawns with Rice Noodle, carrot and bean sprout, peanut salad with Vietnamese dressing – this salad looked pretty boring to say the least.  Definitely not what I was expecting.  However the only flavourful thing on the plate were the chilli prawns which had a good  kick to it. the salad was missing its Vietnamese dressing which I had to ask one of the staff members to get me some sauce who then gave me the coconut dressing which was used for another salad.

Carrot Cake –  the carrot cake was delicious.  with a mixture of pumpkin seeds almonds, plum sultanas, pear and ginger.   The cake came with a side of thick greek yoghurt

Great cafe hidden out in the suburbs with a  good selection of food available and friendly staff.  If you do not want to venture to the city, want to go somewhere different then you should try this cafe.

Location:  32 Rua Road, Glen Eden, Auckland

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