Majestic Cuisine

www.misopeckish.comAnother weekend and another craving for yum cha.  We decided to give Majestic Cuisine another try, as the last time we went it was substandard, where dishes were cold and rubbery, leaving the restaurant dissatisfied.

We arrived around 12pm.  Usually there is long wait for a table, but for some reason they were not very busy today,  which was good for us as we did not have to wait long.

The decor of the restaurant is traditional Chinese where larger tables sporting lazy susan’s.

Scallop Dumpling –  these are perhaps the best scallop dumplings in Wellington.  Thin translucent skin.  Even though only half a scallop was offered it was delicious and accompanied with large roughly chopped prawns.

Har Gao – Quite thick skin, did not have much seasoning, however the prawns were sweet and largely chopped.

Pork Steam Ribs  – The pork ribs that we had were quite fatty.  However nothing bad about it.

BBQ Pork Rice Roll – each of the rice rolls on our plate did not have the same consistency.   One of the rolls was really thick with very little BBQ Pork, while the other two rolls were thin with lots of BBQ Pork (just how I like it).    The Sauce was pretty average.  Not as sweet nor thick as I would have liked.

Portugese Egg Tart –  The appearance of the Portugese egg tart was appealing, however that is all I had to say about it.  The custard was not smooth, it was on the verge of being split and was not as creamy as what I have had in the past.

Tofu Pudding – delicious!  One of my favourite asian desserts.   The tofu was very smooth and had the right amount of sweetness from the sugar syrup that was added.  I must say it would have been much nicer if the pudding was warm rather than cold.

Durian Mochi – Best durian mochi in Wellington, which is filled with only durian.  Other restaurants  add a lot more whipped cream and very little durian.

These are definitely worth every penny that they cost.   The durian itself its not the best I have had, however since the durian is imported frozen from overseas, I will not complain to much.

Service was pretty good.  Food came around regularly which meant we were able to get what we wanted and leave more quickly.  There were some items that I wanted such as the custard buns, but they never came around.  I suspect they were in the oven being baked.

Would I return for more dim sum?  yes definitely.

Location:  11 Courtenay Place, Wellington 


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