Ruth Pretty’s We all Scream for More Ice Cream – Wellington on a Plate 2014

www.misopeckish.comAnother year of Wellington on a Plate and again we see Ruth Pretty churning out her delicious and wonderful ice creams flavours for us to enjoy.

Ruth is one of Wellington’s premier caterers who had earlier in the year catered for Prince William and Kate while they were in Wellington.

Unfortunately this year the weather has not been the best, but that does not stop the avid ice cream eater enjoying a scoop or few ice creams in the cold.  We popped by Moore Wilsons to get some ice cream today and saw Ruth, herself manning the stall.

The ice creams can be served on either a cone or a cup.  Seen waffle cones are used, I opted for a cone.   Plus 1 and I ordered one cone each.   I was special enough to get three scoops (lunch is served), while Plus 1 got 2 scooops.

Unfortuantely Plus 1 had helped himself to his ice cream before I could take a picture of it.

Ice Cream 1

Rosemary, Honey and Lemon –  what an interesting flavour and I was shocked to see Plus 1 selecting this, as I would have selected this flavour myself.   The ice cream has a strong honey and lemon flavour to the ice cream and an aftertaste of rosemary coming through.  I always think that the more interesting the ice cream flavour is the nicer the ice cream will be, and this certainly was very delicious.

Raspberry –  creamy and thick, with a light raspberry flavour.  Fairly ordinary and common flavour to say the least, but no doubt it was still delicious, but would have preferred a stronger raspberry flavour.

Ice Cream 2

Apple and Panhead Ale with Cinnamon Crumble –  Interesting flavour, I did not taste much of the beer. I found it fairly refreshing and light.  The beautiful chunks of apples made the ice cream even more delicious.

Chocolate and Salted Caramel –  was quite a heavy and thick ice cream.  but prefer the other two flavours which were slightl lighter.

Lemon Meringue – lucious creamy lemon meringue with bits of lemon hidden through the ice cream.   the Lemons provide a short sharp freshness to the ice cream.


What I love about Ruth’s ice creams is that you will always find something delicious hidden within the ice creams such as chunks of apple in the apple and cinnamon crumble,  bits of lemon in the lemon meringue etc.  There definitely is no skimping on flavours here.

Location:  Ruth Pretty’s We all Scream for More Ice Cream Pops up at Midland Park on Thursday and Fridays and Moore Wilsons on Saturdays during Wellington on a Plate.

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