Thunderbird Cafe – Wellington on a Plate 2014

www.misopeckish.comSo what is all the fuss about with regards to Thunderbird’s Wellington on a Plate Burger entry?   I decided to come and give it a try, since I have heard that a reservation was required if you wanted to dine here during lunch.

I gave Thunderbird’s a call earlier that evening to see if they had any more burgers avaiable and reserved two.      There was a live band playing when we arrived, with a few tables available.  As we placed our orders at the counter one of the staff members informed us that the burgers had sold out.   I then went on to tell her that I had reserved two, and luckily they did keep their promise having reserved the two burgers that I had asked for earlier that evening.

There was only a short wait before our food started to arrive.

Large Flat White – not the prettiest coffee, but good enough

Garage Project Beer –  I have never seen a canned beer with such a pretty picture.   The beer itself provided a good balance to the slightly spiciness of the the burger – light and refreshing.

Burger – What more can a Po Boy Do – first of all a if you do not know what a po boy is, it is a submarine sandwich from Louisiana.  Thunderbird’s burger is a southern fried crayfish tail and shrimp with house made Creole mayonnaise, pickled onions  on a soft bun.

The batter was fairly thick where there were some deep fried battered pieces were just batter.  I was expecting a little more of the crayfish and only managed to find two pieces of crayfish while the remainder were prawns and batter.   The burger had a good amount of salad greens at the bottom half of the burger.

The burger with crayfish and prawns is a good concept, something different other than beef pattie.  For those of you who have tried this, what makes this burger so popular?    Is it the ingredients that this burger uses (crayfish and prawns) which are relatively expensive ingredients?

Location:  154 Featherston Street, Wellington

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2 Responses to Thunderbird Cafe – Wellington on a Plate 2014

  1. Moira says:

    How much was the crayfish burger? Are you a huge fan of Thunderbirds? Do you Drink Beer or coffee?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      The ‘what more can a po boy do’ burger costs $20, it does not come with any fries. Yes I drink both beer and coffee. I tend to go to Thunderbirds for coffee when meeting up with work colleagues. Have you been there?

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