Trade Kitchen – Wellington on a Plate 2014

www.misopeckish.comSo I attended lunch at Trade Kitchen with my work colleagues as part of our annual Wellington on a Plate outing.  We had made a reservation ahead of time, and with that we also had to select what we were going to have a head of time.  Who on earth can decide what you want to eat on the day, certainly not I, and I kept changing my decision several times over and ended up with the lunch option.

This is the first time I have been here, as Trade Kitchen’s normal lunch menu seems awfully expensive, in the high $20’s, and I complain spending $10 at lunch.

We were seated at one of the two private rooms, which was fairly cramped with the number of people we had attending as all the tables in the main dining area were occupied.

Both the lunch and burger option comes with a drink.   Our drink orders was taken and not too long afterwards our starters started to arrive, followed by the mains and dessert.   These dishes must have been prepare ahead of time due to our advance orders and we did not have to wait to long for them.

Lunch Option 

Johner Estate Pinot Gris – refreshing with subtle aromas of citurs fruits and  melons.   Since I was having a fish for my main I thought this would be a good freshing option to accompany my dish.


Starter – Ouzo-flamed Zany Zeus halloumi with Trade Kitchen gluten free bread.  Delicious. the halloumi had been pan seared nicely which came out flaming.  I ended up making a brushetta out of the items on my plate.   The soft fresh bread slices and the sweet relish accompanied with some rocket and halloumi made for a delicious starter.  The rocket and apple salad was slightly over dressed as the rocket looked like it had been cooked from the olive oil.

Main –  Yellow Brick Road Snapper Wings with Caper Butter – was variable in terms of size as some of my colleagues snapper wings were either smaller or larger, there was no set uniform size.   The snapper wings sat on a bed of nicely seasoned mash potatoes with capers and butter, and wilted spinach.  As you would expect from the wings, there were a lot of bones, and I found myself maneuvering my knife and fork in order to extract the fish meat.   The fish was certainly fresh, but found some parts of the snapper to be a bit dry.

Main – Wairarapa lamb tenderloin with roast pumpkin, kate, foraged rosemary and toasted sesame dressing – the lamb looked a bit over done and dry.  Since I did not get to try this, my colleague thought it was ok.

Dessert – Wellington Chocolate Factory Dark Chocolate Mousse with foraged fruits.  One of my colleagues ordered the dessert.  To be honest it did not look very appealing at all.  A thin slab of chocolate mouse with a couple of mandarin segments and cream which complimented the mousse.  The mouse was  rich, but had the right level of sweetness.   The presentation of this dessert was variable, where the chocolate mouse had fallen over onto its side.

For me, the highlight would have to be the halloumi starter.   Nice technique in terms of flambeing the halloumi.  Food was ok, but nothing to rave on about.

Location:  10 Customhouse Quay, Wellington

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  1. Moira says:

    You seem to be quite disappointed with most of your experiences. Where is your favorite?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      Favourite WOAP? if so then Ti Kouka and the Buns and Brews – Rockwell and Sons :). I like to provide an independent opinion without influences from others and their opinions. Have you tried this burger?

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