DragonFly – Wellington on a Plate 2014

www.misopeckish.comFlicking through the Wellington on the Plate brochure searching for a burger that was slightly different to the usual beef, pork or vege pattie, then something caught my eye.  That was the soft shell crab in a burger created by Dragonfly.

I have never been to Dragonfly, so this was my first time.   Dragonfly offers a good selection of cocktails,  the menu is a mix of South East Asian with a bit of influence from the West.

Since I was on Courtenay Place looking for something to eat I decided to pop by to sample their Wellington on a Plate burger entry – the Ninja Burger.   I was lucky enough to get a table without a reservation, mind you I did pop by fairly early in the evening.

Ninja Burger – A tempura soft shell crab with Japanese mayo, spicy Asian slaw and crunchy lettuce in a sesame bun with crispy lotus chips.


I found that the bun was far to big for the soft shell crab, where you ended up eating nothing but bread.   The bun was toasted to much for my liking making it a fairly crunchy and dry bun.   I decided to peel off the excess bread in order to get to the star of the show (the soft shell crab).   The tempura batter was thicker than I had anticipated as tempura batter that I am use to is light, airy and crispy.

I was also struggling to see where the Asian slaw was until I got to the middle part of the burger, where I managed to catch a glimpse of it.


The crispy lotus roots was exactly that, deep fried until its crispy.

I found the burger dry and lacking sauce, where I was about to choke if it was not for the glass of water that was offered to me.  The only part of the burger that was moist was when I got to the body of the soft shell crab, otherwise this was a huge disappointment and wished  I had not spent $25 on this burger.

Location:  70 Courtenay Place, Wellington

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  1. Harry says:

    Do you think or know if they make their own bread?

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