Gotham Cafe is tucked away from the bustling Willis Street on Chews Lane.  It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The atmosphere is dim and dark but not depressing.  The staff are friendly and helpful if you are stuck on what to order.

Unlike other cafes, you place your order at the counter, given a table icon (usually in a form of something weird and wacky) and find yourself a seat.

Gotham serves Havana coffee which is quite a strong coffee which I did not get this time round.

Open Steak Sandwich – I was expecting two pieces of sourdough bread but it only came with one thin slice which I had preferred.

The size of the steak was as expected, a relatively thin slice of rump steak which was quite gristly with a thin slice of haloumi, bacon, small amounts of salad leaves and a few slices of portobello mushrooms served with a mountain of BBQ sauce.

When I had placed my order, I was asked how I would like my steak, I replied back with medium rare.   The steak came out well done.  I never understood why people bother asking how you would like your steak done if the steak is not cooked to your request.

Fries – were an additional extra where you can order a bowl for $6.50 or half bowl for $4.

I made the mistake in ordering extra fries – half bowl portion.   The fries were cooked to order, coming out pipping hot, golden and  crispy.  Each and every chip were cooked to perfection.  Crispy and golden on the outside and fluffy and hot inside.

It came with a side of tomato sauce and some garlic aoili where I thought it was slightly runny and only a subtle hint of garlic.

The meal was nicely seasoned, it would have been nice if a little less BBQ sauce was used, and not too much of the gristle from the beef rump.  Chips were fantastic – crispy and golden and not too oily, definitely recommend the fries here.

Location:  4 Chews Lane, Wellington

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