Grill Meats Beer – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comThere and back again. We had been to a number of restaurants this evening, but all the ones which we stopped by were full and Plus 1 was not willing to wait for a table to be come free. As we walked up Cuba street in search for a quick dinner, we walked past Olive Cafe, who was serving a beef barvette. Plus 1 heard me and said ‘right we’re going to Grill Meats Beer’.

We managed to get a seat at the counter overlooking the chef at work, which I must say was more interesting than sitting at a table, as you can see all the food being prepared giving you a good idea what to order next time. I saw a number of the beef brisket being prepared which looked good to me. I will have to remember to order it on my next visit.

I was not very hungry this evening after having such a huge lunch , I wanted a burger but was not willing to pay $19 for a burger as I know I would not have appreciated as much as if i was hungry, when I could have got one half the price at Ekim burgers which is a few doors down or at the laundry, so I opted for a salad instead.

Fennel & Apple Slaw – refreshing, you cannot taste the fennel which was good. The apple and fennel were finely sliced with a little bit of celery. the main flavours which you can taste is the green apple.

Barley, Feta, Roasted Capsicum & Mint Salad 7 – looked as if a lot of mayo was added in making this salad, it turned out to be the feta mixed through creating a creamy texture.. I was asked whether I wanted a main size or normal size. I opted for a normal size which was more than enough between Plus 1 and I. Lots of barley with thinly sliced grilled capsicum. I would not taste any mint in the salad at all.

Beef Barvette – I do not know what happened no this visit but the bavette was just not up to standard. it was over done and with a piece of flank steak, it needs to be eaten fairly rare. As I saw the bavette being cut by the chef I already knew it was over cooked.

I am glad the head chef asked us how it was, instead of saying ok, i gave him my honest opinion. He immediately instructed one of his chef to cook up another one. Unfortunately the next bavette was also the same. Over done once again. The chef knew how we felt without even asking us perhaps due to the fact that Plus 1 left more than half it on the plate. the upside of this evening was the salads. nicely priced at $7 each for a generous serving.

Bit of a disappointing experience. I do not think we will be any time soon due to this bad experience. it did not seem that the chef was on this game tonight. Quite disappointed in the Beef Barvite today. Over cooked and no caramelisation on the meat. Do not get me mistaken, we do like this place, but there are some inconsistencies which I hope they will rectify on our next visit in the future.

Location: 227 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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4 Responses to Grill Meats Beer – Take 2

  1. Hmmm…interesting review. The beef doesn’t look overcooked from here. I wonder if their standards are just different? Maybe you should have whipped out back and shown them how it’s done? 😀

    • MisoPeckish says:

      I think my picture taking gave it more credit… That piece you see there was the rarest, all others were overdone especially for a flank. Our first visit, the bavette was ‘perfect’ and Plus 1 could not stop talking about it.

  2. Chardonnay says:

    What’s a Plus 1?

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