Rockwell and Sons – Wellington on a Plate 2014

www.misopeckish.comI had no intentions of eating my last 3 meals with a burger, it just happened that way.  Today I decided to go to the temporary popup of Rockwell and Sons hosted by St Johns Bar.

Rockwell and Sons is from Melbourne and is highly regarded with their burgers which are based on American style cuisine, who also  won the best burger in Australia.   I have always been meaning to try this place out every time I am in Melbourne, but never had the opportunity to until today.

The popup stall is located in a tent on the grass next to St Johns.   Before I placed my order I asked one of the staff members what does the ‘smash’ refer to, as I thought it was smashed avocado.  I was wrong, but in fact two round meat patties smashed on the grill served in a brioche bun.    I was sold when I heard the word ‘brioche’.

The burgers are made to order, to guarantee freshness, unlike McDonalds.  The wait is fairly short, as the burgers itself a fairly simple.  As the saying goes, ‘the most delicious foods are always the simple ones’.

I asked if Plus 1 wanted a burger, in which he replied ‘no’.   So I went ahead and purchased the double patty smash burger with the assumption that I will be eating it all by myself.   I was given a number to take back to the table.  After a short wait, my burger arrived with some tater tots.

Double Patty Smash Burger, Kraft, Special Sauce on a Seeded Brioche Bun – You may think the portion sizes are a bit small, but I must say it was the right amount.  You definitely do not want it any bigger nor smaller.  The beef patties was large enough to make it around the entire surface of the bun.  As I took my first bite, the first thing I said was ‘OMG’.  It was seriously delicious.  The patties were nicely cooked, with a bit of pink in the middle, perfectly seasoned and juicy.  You definitely do not want it over cooked.   You can tell there was minimal handling in making the meat patties by its texture, as it was not tough and it had a good caramelisation going on on the outside of the patties

The buns were soft as a pillow and lightly toasted, it was heaven to my mouth. There was enough special sauce for each mouthful, which did not overpower the flavour of the burger, with good amounts of cheese.

Plus 1 took a bite and his first comment was ‘this is the best burger I have had’.  And then took the liberty in consuming half of my burger.   I decided to order another burger as I did not quite have enough, so I ordered the lamb burger.

Double Pattie Lamb Smash Burger, Smoked cheese, Red Onion on a Seeded Brioche Bun – basically the same as the Double Patty Smash Burger, but with lamb instead of beef and the use of smoked cheese and red onion.

It was quite a nice burger, the patties again was the star.  Nicely cooked,  perhaps slightly a bit salty but that did not stop me consuming half of it, while Plus 1 ate the other half.

Plus 1 and I both proclaim that the double patties smash burger was the winner between the two burgers we had today.  Definitely recommended.

Tater Tots – golden, crunchy with an ever so slightly spiced seasoning, making these bite sized tater tots  are soo delicious and moist in the centre.

There are just seven words to describe these burgers ‘the BEST burgers I have ever had’.  Yes these are even better than the Ferg Burgers (review 1, review 2, review 3)  in Queenstown to be honest.    The burgers are priced at the lower end of the WOAP burgers at $18.    I do recommend if there was the one burger you were to try during Wellington on a Plate, I would recommend these burgers, specifically the double smash burger.

I am definitely coming back here later this week to have another burger or two or three :)

Location:  St Johns Bar, Lagoon Lawn, 5 Cable Street, Wellington

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