Astoria – Wellington on a Plate 2014

www.misopeckish.comWell it is that time of the year where Wellingtons come out to celebrate Wellington on a Plate (WOAP), where a host of cafes and restaurants in and around Wellington showcasing what wellington has to offer using locally sourced produce.

Our first stop is to Astoria, centrally located in the CBD, and a convenient location for lunch. Astoria is a place where you wait to be seated, then you place your order at the counter, when you are then given a number to take back to your table and await for your meals to arrive.    It was fully packed when we arrived, there was a short wait before we got a seat.

We ordered the two menus that is available for Wellington on a Plate.

Lunch Option:

Starter Crayfish Bisque with Crouton –  I found the bisque slightly watery, and fairly salty after a few spoonfuls.  I was glad I was sharing with Plus 1, so that I did not have to consume it all by myself.


Main Coq au Vin Chicken Florentine in Astorian bread – Quite boring to be honest.  I could sum it up as chicken in a toasted panini, which only covered half of the bread, so there were moments where I found myself eating bread only.  By the time I had realised this, I decided to leave the bread there.

The starter and main arrived on one plate. keeping  it as clean as possible.

Burger Option

Burger – Godzilla Burger, a Japanese inspired burger consisting of tonkatsu breaded pork with bulldog sauce, shredded cabbage, bonito flakes and nori on Astoria Bun with shoe string fries.  The tonkatsu was more of a pork schnitzel than a tonkatsu to be honest.  Even with the bull dog sauce I saw myself adding some tomato sauce  to it to give it extra flavour.

My friend alerted me that Astoria shoe string fries are fantastic, since this is the first time I have had Astoria fries I had huge expectations.    However I failed to see what was so fantastic about them.  even though some of the fries were crunchy there were certainly ones that were limp.     The furikake (a Japanese sprinkle of dried fish and sesame, nori)   which you generally sprinkle on top of rice, failed to stay on the fries which ended up at the bottom of the bowl.

Service was good, the table turnaround was fairly fast and was able to get a table after a few short minutes.   Food wise, I thought it was ok.  I would not rave on about it.   It was good to see a different styled burger other than beef with cheese and bacon.  Even though Astoria breads are soft, I am not a huge fan of it.

Location:  Midland Park, 159 Lambton Quay, Wellington



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