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www.misopeckish.comRosies is the new kid on the block in Parnell, which is the newly refurbished Rosehip cafe.   Rosies is brought to you by the same people behind  St Heliers Bay Bistro, Ortolana and Takapuna Beach Cafe.    

As usual I was seeking somewhere with a different menu other than eggs and bacon and this place definitely ticked the box. and to see what all the fuss was about.

As you would expect a cafe in Parnell will tend to attract a certain demographic, which was clearly noticeable.  However the service was attentive and friendly.  The decor is clean and simplistic, filled with good natural light.

Rosies offers a good selection of sweet and savoury counterfood.

I was having trouble trying to decide what to order, as I wanted everything but was not hungry.  I had to  turn the waitress away several times before I could make up my mind on what to have.

Piccolo – Coffee beans by  All Press.   Not a favourite fan, but happy to drink it.  Coffee was ok.  Not the prettiest decoration (milk pattern) on the top of the coffee but was drinkable.

Apple and Pear Juice –  freshing, not too sweet with a slight tart flavour.

Pulled Pork Tartine w Green Apple Vinaigarette, Celeriac – was delicious.  I much prefer this dish than the short rib.  Good amount of pulled pork which was nicely seasoned. the tartine was golden and crispy on the outside and  moist in the middle.  The runny poached egg provided the dish with enough liquid which made it well

Short Rib, Celery Root, Brussel Sprouts, Black Vinergette – succulent, sweet, stick. I ordered this as I know Plus 1 would help me eat it.  the brussels sprouts were nicely roasted.  I never understood why most people are not keen on brussel sprouts.  The puree was creamy and well seasoned and went very well with the short rib.

Service was very good and attentive.   Plus 1 was skeptical in coming, but he walked out pretty happy.  I guess the food exceeded his expectations.  The food is fairly pricey, more towards restaurant prices than cafe prices.  I do not know what it is, but perhaps an Auckland thing where you get a nice portion of fresh greens with your order.    I rarely see this in Wellington, which I always crave for when we do go out for brunch in Wellington.  Will definitely be back to try other items on the menu.

Location:  82 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland

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4 Responses to Rosie Parnell

  1. Jennifer says:

    Why was your plus 1 skeptical?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      I did not really ask him at the time, but i can sense it when he’s skeptical about something… But I was glad he enjoyed it..

  2. Jennifer says:

    Was it clearly noticeable that certain types of people were dining at this cafe? What type where they? How did you come to this conclusion? Did it make a difference to your dining experience?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      I would rather not say. No it did not make a difference to my dining experience as I am here for the food and the ability to review it. However if you do make a trip to Rosies please let me know how your experience went.

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