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www.misopeckish.comNow that I know my mother loves brunch food what better place than to take her to the one of many cafes that Auckland has to offer.  This time I decided to go to Petit Bocal as I have heard good reviews about this I place. Petit Bocal is a small boutique cafe in Sandringham quite close to Dominion Road with a handful of seats outside and more inside.

The thing that drew me to Petit Bocal was the diverse selection of food where both the breakfast and lunch menu was available early in the morning.  Petit Bocal also serves a limited selection of counterfood, consisting of sweet patisserie, brioche and muffins and are open for dinner. Petit Bocal is light and airy that manages to catch the last of the morning sun.    The walls and floors are painted white giving the cafe a nice crisp and chic look with fresh flowers on the large communal bench in the middle of the cafe. Supreme coffee beans are used here, one of my favorite coffee roasters from Wellington.  We ordered two flat whites.  The coffees were good, strong and at the right temperature. I ordered the Oyster and Portobello Mushrooms after having asked the waiter what this dish was. I was told that it was a salad and I thought that was perfect. Something light and mushrooms my favorite. When the dish came out it turned out to be ‘mushrooms on toast’. Definitely not what I was wanting as I did not want any bread.   which left a small handful of oyster and portobello mushrooms.  I must say the mushrooms with pesto was quite delicious.  I did not enjoy the creamy mushrooms, as it was a bit to heavy for my liking. My mum wanted Poached Eggs with Bacon.  So we ordered the eggs Benedict with bacon. The sourdough was nicely toasted, eggs perfectly cooked, where it was still runny inside.  Delicious thick hollandaise sauce with a hint of lemon.

A good cafe with good service.  I was annoyed that I had been mislead  on my dish.   Is it worth while coming here? I would say if you happen to be in the area sure.  However if you have to drive across town to come here specifically, I would say no.

Location:  177 Sandringham Drive, Sandringham, Auckland

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  1. Maria says:

    What other coffee beans are you favorite? Would like to know your recommendations

    • MisoPeckish says:

      I quite like Supreme, Hummingbird, Flight, Havana (depends who makes it), Illy, People’s, Vittoria, Lavazza, Nine Thirty (depends who makes it)….. :) it is personal preference.

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