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www.misopeckish.comHaving seen pictures of my friends meal at Der Metz and the fact that I have not had good German food since being back in New Zealand and also being partial to German food, we decided to make a trip to Der Metz which is located in Kohimara, Auckland.

The restaurant seems to be split into two sections. the Restaurant itself and this other part (like a pub) where people played card games while sipping their beers.

It was a Sunday night and knowing Auckland, if you wanted to go somewhere and not having to be turned around due to no seats available, I decided to make a booking before our flight back to Wellington.

As we first walked in, you are greeted with a large selection of German memorabilia in and on every nook and cranny, ranging from posters to beer jugs etc etc..

The menu is typlical German with many snitzels, pork hock, spatzle, sausages and meatballs etc…

When Plus 1 saw the menu, he wanted everything on the menu, and ended up tossing between the platter which consisted of dumplings, pork roast, pork belly and Nürnberger, served with Sauerkraut and red cabbage or the schnitzel. He ended up with the pork schnitzel as pork is more common in Germany than chicken schnitzel.

Gluhwein – boy have I missed good mulled wine. Nicely spiced with the perfect amount of alcohol. Good on a cold, wet winters day.

Weissbier – expect large servings here, Plus 1 ordered a small 400ml beer. I am not a fan of weissbier due to its calorie content which is relatively high compared to other German beers. However it was light, and refreshing and I’m sure if i order a huge pint, that would make a meal in itself.

Pork Hock and Spatzle – I made a vigorous choice of pork hoc with my favourite German pasta – the spatzle. I had this last when I was Zurich and I could still remember that day, a massive serving which I could not have finished without the help of my dining companions.

Thick brown sauce was drizzled over the plate which my pork hock sat on, with a nice crunchy crackling all over. The pork meat was succulent giving way for the meat to be pulled away from the bone with relative ease.

Pork Schnitzel with bread crumbed pork Schnitzel with a tomato, paprika and capsicum mushroom sauce. you are offered the choice of chips or potato salad. You have the choice of ordering one or two schnitzel’s. It is more value for money to order two and if you cannot finish, you can always doggy bag the other piece home.

The schnitzel is to be expect for German standards – large thin pieces of schnozzle, which was nicely fried giving a good crispy breaded coating.

Apfel Strudel – smaller serving than I was expecting when compared to the size of the mains.  Comes with tiptop ice cream, on this occasion it was orange and choc chip which I have not had in long long time and some fresh fruits.   The strudel it self was delicious containing apple. raisins and walnuts.   The pastry was nice and flaky and the filling was hot.  I enjoyed it so much that I wanted more even though I was very full.

Truly authentic German food with serving sizes to match. Service was ok, there were times where we had to waive the staff down to get some service even after a little wait. If you want to impress someone due to its serving size then I would recommend this place. I do recommend you make a booking unless you are come early, to avoid any disappointment.

Location:   5-11 Averill Ave, Kohimarama, Auckland


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2 Responses to Der Metz

  1. Jessica says:

    Did you go recently? Is this on their current menu? I have been wanting to go for a long time, but heard that their portions could feed 2. How many people did you go with?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      I with with my other half (Plus 1). Was there two weekends ago, so the menu is pretty current. Yes, one main is enough to feed two. I ordered the pork hock, which I managed to finish with the help of Plus 1, who ate half of his dish, and doggy bagged the rest – its German portions for you :). If you love German food I suggest you should go.

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