Addington Coffee Co-op

www.misopeckish.comHaving just finished lunch at Shangxi Noodles,  we decided to take a walk around the area where we saw Addington Coffee Co-op.  We decided to pop in for a leisurely cup of coffee.

As you walk in, to the right is a small laundromat and on the left is a little store selling fair trade items.

Addington Coffee Co-op is housed in an old large shed, which was originally a mechanics workshop,  with exposed beams and ceiling, iron and timber, provides the cafe with a rustic, earthy feel.  There is a selection of seating ranging from tables, communial tables and conformatable second hand couches and chairs.

The cafe offers both sweet and savoury counterfood and food off the menu.

And of course their own roasted coffee beans ‘Jail Breaker’ is also Fair Trade certified.

Long Black –   I was able to order a long black with a side of milk at no extra charge.   The coffee itself was good, right temperature, not too bitter nor too weak.

Flat White – Nice good coffee.   On the smoother side similar to Supreme coffee.

Great humming cafe with a eclectic mix of suits, stay at home mums, students, grandparents, serving pretty good coffee. If I had not eaten so much at lunch I would have been tempted to order something off the counter.   Will definitely be back, as it is a great place to hang out without feeling that you have overstayed.   Just a word of warning during the time we were there, there was always a queue at the counter, so be prepared to wait for a short period of time for a table/seat to become available.

Location:  297 Lincoln Rd, Addington, Christchurch

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