Red Hill

www.misopeckish.comRed Hill is a Chinese restaurant specialising in Sichuan cuisine.  It is located upstairs next to Cinta, Malaysian Kitchen restaurant, which is directly opposite Te Aro Park and the set of public toilets.

Decor is minimalist, however food is very tasty with a good mix of both Chinese and European patrons.

The menus are all in English, and has changed since I was here over a year ago.  No longer offering grilled meat on sticks (satay sticks), but they still offer hot pot (steam boat at a reasonable price of $25 per person).  The waiters spoke very good English and were able to describe the dishes we had questioned.

We ordered a few dishes to share as we were not very hungry.

Venison with garlic and spring onion – Tender strips of venison with the sweetness of the sliced onions made this dish heavenly and full of flavour.  The dish was fairly oily but that is to be expected for Sichuan dishes.

Tender Fish Fillets in Hot Chilli Oil  With Bean Sprouts – A very good dish, however slightly lacking in dried chilli and more spice would have been nice.     The fish were poached, which I prefer, as some restaurants tend to batter them and deep fry them before dunking the fish slices  in the chilli oil soup/sauce.  The chilli oil/soup contained  Sichuan pepper corns and and dried chillis with very little bean sprouts and a thick layer of oil, which could be off putting for some. but this is to be expected  for this type of dish.

Stir Fried Bok Choy and Straw Mushrooms – refreshing to have after ordering two fairly oily dishes.  Bok choy was cooked to perfection where it still had a good bite to it. and the inclusion of mushrooms was perfect, especially since I am a huge mushroom fan.

The dishes are not as spicy as it could be, however I suspect this is because it is catering towards the local taste (where most people cannot handle spicy).  The food is very traditional and value for money.   Will definitely be back to try other items on the menu and also their hot pot which I am a huge fan of, where I tend to over eat.

Location:  119 Manners St, (Upstairs), Te Aro, Wellington City

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  1. I love hot pot. You’re right though, it’s impossible not to over eat, especially since it’s hard to tell how much you have eaten already! It’s great weather for hot pot though, better get int before it gets warmer.

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