Big Thumb – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comI have always been skeptical having yum cha at Big Thumb. Every time I walk past I see very few Chinese people dining here for both lunch and dinner.

Generally a rule of thumb how good a honest restaurant is how many Chinese people you see dining here.

Being Asian myself I only decided to give this place another try since returning from overseas.

We decided to go for yum cha during the working week. We walked in and only a handful of people were dining here – predominantly non-Chinese people. I immediately thought this place won’t be good.

There were only two people working at the front I believe they were the owners. As we sat down we were asked what tea we would like to drink and menus appeared. We had to select the dishes we wanted so they were steamed on demand.

We placed our orders. The wait was quite long perhaps 20-30mins. I was becoming impatient as I had to head back to work. The dim sum dishes started to arrive one after the other.

Har Gao – large chunks of minced prawn meat, well seasoned, skin had a nice texture and relatively thin

Sui Mai – not as flavoursome as he har gao,  pork meat was nice coarsely chopped not minced

Prawn and Corriander – well seasoned, lots of corriander but not over powering.  Skin was the same thickness as the har gao

Scallop Dumpling – contained a small piece of scallop which was a big disappointment, as well as minced prawn meat.   the dumpling was flavorsome.  Skin is the same as per the har gao

Pork Ribs – are standard. Nothing horrible or nothing nice to say about them. They are as expected. Topped with small amounts of black beans and oil.

Prawn and Chives – tasty, very similar to the prawn and coriander dumplings but with chives. Has the right amount of chives such that it is not over powering with chives but enough to give the dumpling the distinct flavour.

Tofu Suffed Prawns – the tofu at big thumb is absolutely delicious. Smooth, soft, velvety, creamy and flavoursome. I think the tofu is made inhouse. The Oren stuffing had a mixture of minced and roughly chopped prawns.

Spicy Beef Ribs – was not spicy – perhaps more sweet than spicy.  I found that it contained too much baking soda to make the beef tender.

Egg Tarts – pastry was not as buttery or sweet as other egg tarts from other restaurants.  The pastry itself was nice and flaky.  The custard filling was smooth and would be nicer if it was hot straight out of the oven.

Durian Snow ball – contains a tiny amount of durian and a lot of cream.  I ended up dissecting my snow ball to extract the excess cream.  Big disappointment.  However what was left was tasty. The mochi skin had the right thickness (not too think nor too thin).  I always enjoy touching these balls, as they are so soft.

Mexican Bun – looks slightly similar to the baked custard pineapple bun, however the colouring is white like an albino bun.  The tiger like topping is crunchy, while the remainder of the bun is soft and light.  The filling is milk custard (a white custard) which is as sweet as the custard pineapple bun.  Quite a delicious bun, if you are after something different to the normal custard pineapple bun.

As I mentioned earlier in my previous post, it is a bit of a hit in miss.  This time we were happy with the dishes that we had ordered.

Location:  9 Allen St, Te Aro, Wellington

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