www.misopeckish.comSpending the long Wellington Anniversary week up north, where we flew into Whanagrei.  Before heading to Paihia, we decided to spend some time in Whangarei as Plus 1 and I had never visited the town centre.

We decided to have lunch along the town basin at Mokoba which opens all day with a good indoor and outdoor seating, with a good selection of counterfood.

Mokaba Cafe is a delightful all day cafe with outdoor dining overlooking the bustling Whangarei Town Basin where boats from all over the world are moored.

Short Macchiato – coffee beans by  Chiasso coffee.  The coffee was ok, I thought the drink was too short, and would have appreciated a tall.  will remember that for next time.

Thai Beef Salad  with rare roast beef served on a bed of mesculin, vermicelli noodles was pretty good.  However I found the steak to be tasteless even dipping it in my salad dressing..  I had asked for the salad dressing to be put on the side, as I am not a huge fan of salad being drenched in unwanted sauce.   The salad had a good combination of vermicelli and mesculin salad leaves.

Grilled Scotch Steak Fillet with fries salad and creamy mushroom sauce – I was asked how I wanted my steak, I responded with medium rare.  However when it came arrived the steak was over cooked due to the steak being so thin, however this is exactly as described on the menu

Nice quiet location with plenty of carparks near by and is fairly popular with the locals.   Offers a good selection of both counter food and off the menu with daily specials, food is a bit of a hit and miss depending on what you want to order.

Location: 6 Quayside, Town Basin, Whangarei, Northland

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