Smoothie House

Located opposite Tianjin Chong Zhua (Taiwanese pancakes) is the Smoothie House serving shaved ice desserts.  The original store located on the corner has recently expanded with a more modern shop where it only serves various types of mango shaved ice, while the original sore  sells other flavours such as lychee and strawberry etc.

Both stores are located on the the same street with just a few shops separating them. Most people seem to opt for mango flavoured shaved ice, perhaps it is because Asian mangoes are used which are generally sweeter than the ones we get back home which comes from Queensland, Australia.

Lychee Snowflake with Osmathus Jelly was very cooling and refreshing on a hot day.  Good amounts of osmathus jelly and lychees.  The shaved ice was slightly flavoured which made it even more tasteful.   The only downside to this was the lychees.  I was expecting fresh lychees as there are abundance of fresh lychees around which are sold at most fruit stalls, these were from the tin.

If you are feeling hot and wanting to cool down on something refreshing then give the shaved ice a go.   Smoothie House offers a variety of flavours and toppings catering to all taste buds.

Location:  No.15 YongKang Street, Da-an District, Taipei

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