Yong He Dou Jiang – Taiwanese Breakfast

www.misopeckish.comI had to come try the rival Yong He Dou Jia.  People say Yong He and Fu Hang are the best two stores in Taipei that serve traditional Taiwanese breaksfast items.  Yong He is a simple place, but clean which is the main thing.  Do not expect any flash decor or comfy seats.

You do not need to queue at this place, I guess it is because this place is open 24/7, you can come any time and not having to worry about  waiting in line.

Yong He offers slightly more varity such as  Xiao long bao, steamed buns,  fantuan (饭团), a rice roll filled with a crushed youtiao (油条, literally translated as ‘grease stick’), pork floss, and some diced fried radish.  Fantuan is basically the ideal combination of sweet-savory (pork floss), chewy (rice), crunch (youtiao and radish), and greasy (all of it).

Xian Dou Jiang (Salty Soy Milk)  – – at first glance, I notice is that there is a lot of foam at the top.  This is done deliberately by pulling the soy milk into the bowl in order to create the bubbly effect.


As you slurp your dou jiang you will notice some small black eyes looking back at you, these are small white shrimps.  these shrimp gives the dou jian a subtle shrimp flavour.


The texture of the Xian Dou Jian is more congealed than that of the rival Fu Hang.

Shao Bing – Baked flat bread with egg and you tiao.  the bread is very thin making it a very crispy bread.   The you tiao is crunchy, light, airy and always oily giving the Shao Bing a more crunchy effect.

If you prefer yours to be crunchy then I recommend this for you.  I personally prefer mine slightly bit soft.

Yong He Dou Jiang offers good cheap eats.  Portion sizes are not ridiculous.  If you are after some traditional Taiwanese breakfast items at any time of the day, then I recommend you make a visit to this place.

Location:  No. 102, Section 2, Fùxīng South Rd, Daan District, Taipei City



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6 Responses to Yong He Dou Jiang – Taiwanese Breakfast

  1. Candi Sui says:

    Wow, you read chinese. Can you put more of the translations and names in chinese as your blogs are very interesting and I would like my family to read these too. We travel around asia and your blog has some amazing places and information.

  2. Candi Sui says:

    can you put more chinese?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      Hi there, thanks for visiting my site. There are other blogs on the internet that is in Chinese that cater towards that market. Unfortunately my written Chinese is a little lacking.

  3. Hi Miso, quick question. I used to come to this place quite often, at least if it’s the place on Fuxing road that I remember. One of the simpler dishes they had was a rice congee that had lovely chunks of sweet potato in it. Came in a metal pot, if I recall. (been a few years!)
    Did you notice the dish there on your last visit?

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