Grill Meats Beer

www.misopeckish.comFinally managed to make a trip to Grill Meets Beer, which is the cheaper offshoot of Logan Brown (WOAP13), serving as the name suggests, grilled meats and craft beer.     The name to me seems to be a take on ‘girl meets boy’ – but that is for your to decide.

The menu offers a selection of starters and plates to share, salads, plus steaks, burgers and ribs from the grill.

The decor is simplistic.  On one wall there is a giant Grill Meats Beer which I had not noticed until Plus 1 pointed it out to me.   The kitchen is situated in the middle of the  restrurant where you can see the chiefs at work.

JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken), which is similar to kariage chicken – was darker than I hoped it to be.   If you are expecting proper kariage chicken, then this is not.  Beer Meets Grill has given this a little twist by incorporating ginger into the coating which is relatively soft  The chicken itself was succulent and well seasoned.

Rare Barvette Steak – the last time Plus 1 had a bavette was when La Metropolatan was still around (sadly they have since closed).   The beef was seared and charred nicely on the outside with a bit of caramelsation going on.

The inside was nice and rare, just how a bavette should be,  since this piece of meat is generally a cheaper cut and is fairly tough, the only way to eat this is for it to be fairly rare.

The accomapnying sauce of Chipotle, Lime, Garlic Butter  was delicious, giving the steak a little kick.

Chicken Burger – I had originally ordered the beef burger, but changed my mine once I saw the chicken burger being brought to the table next to us, and what a superb choice it was. Nice succulent piece of chicken thigh grilled over a flame  topped with this thick brown BBQ sauce and some onion knots which are similar to onion bahji in a brioche bun.

The bun was nice and soft where you are able to squash it a little without it falling to pieces in order to fit the burger in your mouth.

Good dining experience accompanied with good service and food.   Will definitely be back, as I had been instructed by Plus 1, as he highly recommends the bavette,  and I would definitely be trying other items on the menu.

Location:  227 Cuba Street, Wellington



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