Banh Mi @ Bordeaux Bakery

Popping into Bordeaux for a quick bite to eat, having heard word there were new flavoured sandwiches I was ready to purchase the ciabatta with parma ham, until I saw out of the corner of my eye the Vietnamese baguette – the Banh Mi.

I wanted to give this a try to see how it rated compared with Asiana Metro and Nam-D.   Bordeaux bakery’s banh mi had a slight twist to it,  instead of pickled cucumber it had parsnip.

The banh mi looked ok, and knowing french breads which usually have a nice crunchy crust I thought it would not be to bad.   I was wrong, the bread roll was soft.  Good Banh mi are usually crusty and hard on the outside and soft inside which I tend to look forward to making a mess with all the crumbs falling around me – a little bit disappointing but then these were pre-made and sitting on the shelf.

The BBQ Pork was cut nice and thick and very flavoursome, however I did find large chunks of fat through the meat which I had to pull out.  The chicken terrine was delicious, especialy with a nice thick, rich layer of it throughout my banh mi.   The pickled vegetables were not pickled enough and the coriander garnish did not look fresh at all, very limp to say the least.

I thought the Banh Mi lacked the special sauces which Asiana Metro and Nam-D adds at the end to give it the extra kick.   However if you are wanting a marinated banh mi sandwich and am not willing to walk to the other side of town, this would suffice.  Just a side note, it is not very authentic.

Location:  142 Featherston Street, Wellington

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