Ya Rou Bian – Famous Roast Goose in Taipei

www.misopeckish.comAre you after some roast goose or wanting to try some in Taipei? then look no further, Ya Rou Bian which translates to ‘Duck’ sells nothing but goose.

Ya Rou Bian has been around for over 60 years and it is still going strong today and is one of a few shops in Taipei that sells this delicacy.

If you walk past and see that there are seats visible, fear not, as there is plenty more seating upstairs.

There is a dedicated person at the front chopping the goose to order.


You can order the goose by the price eg $100, $200, $300 and up.   If you dine in you would be asked whether you want rice or noodles.  We opted for noodles.   The goose arrives in no time along with some soup with rice noodles which is inclusive of the price that we paid for the goose.

The soup is pretty oily as you can see from the pictures, but that does not stop me from slurping the noodles.   The goose is tasty, succulent and tender that we ended up order another larger plate of roast goose.   After eating  3/4 of a goose I did begin to think it is fairly salty.  Mind you with any roasted meats, if you eat a lot it will always make you thirsty.   The goose is served on a bed of coriander with soy sauce and chilli sauce.   It is pot luck what part of the goose you get, some bits were pretty fatty while other parts were fairly lean.


I have read mixed reviews of this place with some people saying the meat is tough.   I do not think this is true but quite the opposite, so I guess it is luck that you turn up on a day where the goose is tender.

Will definitely be back to get more goose as you cannot get it roast goose back home in New Zealand or at least that I know of.  It would fear to say that roast goose is one of my favourite roast meats.

Location:  No.98-2 Yi Section, Zhonghua RoadTaipei   (Closest MRT: Ximen)


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