Shida Night Market – Taipei

Some say that Shilin Night Market is the King night market, and Shida is the Queen of the night markets.  Slight smaller than its cousin.

Shida is known for its alternative, fashionable and stylish clothing hence why you will find many unique boutiques by young entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves.

Shida Night Market is home to the university crowd because it is located right by the National Taiwan Normal University. 

This is definitely not as big as the Shilin night market that has a larger variety of foods and clothing etc…  but has enough variety to satisfy the needs of most.  good local street food, bourtique clothing stores and the upside, it is not as crowded as Shilin Night market.

Gua Bao – Taiwanese burger are one of my favourite food items especially when I am in Taipei.   And this stall is perhaps the best one I have visited in Taipei.

You can choose from lean pulled pork meat or something more calorie intensive (the inclusion of fatty bits of pulled pork meat) or a selection of both.    The pulled meat is then served with some preserved vegetables (mustard greens), ground nuts and some corriander in a steam bun which is in a shape of a taco.

The Gua Bao are made to order and are served pipping hot.  The steam buns itself is very white, light and fluffy and is far superior than what I can make at home.     These were so good that I ordered two of them  :).  I would recommend these over the ones that you can get back in New Zealand and at Ippudo (Sydney) for the fraction ofthe cost.

Buck Gor Do Far – Tofu Pudding – the stand that serves tofu with a variety of condiments such as bubble pearls, green bean, plain etc.  The tofu is sweet and smooth.   Pretty cheap for what it is. and is a great dessert to take away.

Dan Long Lou Mei – Boil Up – is a stall where you  choose what you want to eat and pay by the weight.


The vendors then boil it up for you, which is served with some sauce, either spicy or normal.

The boil up was quite tasty, my mum wanted to eat the intestines and I wanted to eat some mushrooms and veges so we shared one amongst ourselves.  This is fairly expensive when comparinf to the other items that you can buy at the market, we probably spent half of our funds on this dish for the entire evening.

Steam Buns –  Steamed buns seem to be fairly popular here.

We walked past this store which sells a variety of different flavoured steam buns from plain to red bean paste to chocolate to meat filled buns.

Drink Monopoly Shop –  Another bubble tea store were I ordered the  sweet black tea with chrysanthemum – a very fragrant tea, which was not too sweet but good enough to quench the thirst on a hot evening.  Click here to view the bubble tea stores I have visited in Taipei.

Shida Night Market is much smaller than Shilin night market, you will find similar foods such as bubble teas etc, but there are some stalls that is only specific to Shida Night market, namely the Gua Bao stall.    If you have time to visit two night markets, I would suggest you visit this one and Shilin night market.

Location: MRT Station Taipower Building, Exit 3

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