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www.misopeckish.comI had always meaning to try Basin Noodle House as reviews state this little Chinese takeaway is good and cheap.  Coming after a gym session, I was not feeling very hungry but Plus 1 wanted to go, and as usual we over ordered.

The takeaway is very simplistic with a few tables and chairs for you to  eat your meals if you wish to dine in.   Basin Noodle Inn serves a good selection of Chinese food from steam buns to chow mein, soup noodles, stir fried noodles and Chinese main dishes that come with rice, as well as fish and chips and burgers, even though they are competing with McDonald’s, which is located right next door.

There are a few tables and chairs where you can eat in otherwise you can order take out.

I tried to order a steam bun, they they informed us that they were sold out usually by lunch time.   I am wondering how good are their steam buns for them to be sold out.

Wonton Noodles – the noodles are home made wheat noodles as opposed to the usual thin egg noodles that come with wonton noodles.    You get 8 relatively good sized wontons and are fairly tasty,  the wonton skins are soft and silky.   The noodles are nice and are very similar to the noodles you get from Eden Noodles – dan dan mein dish.  The dish comes with a small amount of BBQ Pork and some prawns (frozen).  The soup is not very tasty, more like a soy sauce based broth.

Poached Fish Slices in Chilli Oil – When I order this dish at other places you normally see a thick layer of oil floating at the top, Basin Noodle’s version has very little oil – a tick in my box.  The fish slices are very thin.  There are no Sichuan pepper corns as you would expect from this dish, but a lot of chilli seeds and bean sprouts.  Not a very spicy dish to be honest.  I would have liked it to be more spicy.  The dish was ok, but not the best that I have had.

Spicy Chicken in Chili Sauce – to sum this up, it is very similar to sweet and sour chicken.
The Chicken pieces are lightly deep fried and then cooked in this thick sweet black sauce with an assortment of vegetables (broccoli, onions, carrots, courgettes, cauliflower) cut into tiny pieces.   Not spicy in the slightest.

Dumplings – 18 dumplings for $9 is perhaps the cheapest dumplings in town. The dumpling skins are made in house, filled with mince pork, bit of finely chopped prawns and spring onion.  The skins were not too thin or not thick.  These are always best eaten when hot, especially the boiled versions.  You can get panfried dumplings at a extra cost.

Chicken and Corn Soup –  Plus 1 insisted in ordering this as it is one of his favourite soups.    I must say this has to be the worst chicken and sweetcorn soup ever.  Very runny, with a watery taste.    I was expecting chunky bits of chicken in a thickish soup with corn.  There was no seasoning at all.

Even though the dishes were a bit of a hit and miss, there are more favourable memories than negative memories.  The food is cheap and cheerful and everything is cooked to order.   I will be back to try other items and hopefully get a steam bun next time.

Location:  20 Adelaide Rd, Newtown, Wellington

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  1. Sounds like some good and some bad. Thanks for the review, useful if I’m ever in the area. Interesting that they always sell out of their buns, you would think they would make double the amount. Makes good business sense.

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