Sunny Hills – the Rival to Chia Te for Pineapple Cakes

www.misopeckish.comLocated close to Chia Te, Sunny Hills is the closest rival to Chia Te for quality pineapple cakes.   This  place seems more like an exclusive place than that of Chia Te, which only sells pineapple cakes.

What differentiates themselves to Chia Te is that they do not use any preservatives.  Which keeps for a maximum of two weeks.

The place seems very pretentious .  When you arrive a staff member at the door greets you and usher you to a seat at a table for you to sample one of their pineapple cakes over some hot tea. I shared mine with my mum, which meant we could take one home with us.

The pineapple cake is slightly tart.  The pastry is relatively thick and crumbly as I made a mess trying to eat my pineapple cake.   Each pineapple cake is individually wrapped.  You can taste more pineapple in these cakes than other bakeries pineapple cakes.

After you had your tasting you can choose a box of 10, 15 or 20 pieces.   You are under no obligation to purchase one, but since I came all the way here to try one, I thought I would buy a boxof 10 to take home.

If you want a tarter pineapple cake without the preservatives then I recommend Sunny Hills pineapple cakes.   Each box you purchase comes with a canvas souvenir bag.

Location: No. 1, Alley 4, Lane 36, Section 5, Minsheng East Rd, Taiwan

MRT to Zhongshan Elemtrenty School then take bus 63, which should get you fairly close to the  shop.  otherwise a taxi.

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