Snow King Ice Cream

www.misopeckish.comJust a block away, we made it to our last stop. Though we were tempted to try out some of the unusual flavors that they are known for, I ended up sticking with something safer, as my mum was not in the mood to try something new.  

Snow King has been in existence since 1947 offering over 70 different flavours of ice cream which are all made inhouse.

Since I had not known there was an English menu, I got my mum to translate the ice cream flavours which was done pretty poorly to say the least.  Some of the unique flavours to come out of Snow King are:

Fruit flavors: Watermelon, carrot, guava, sugar cane, lychee, mulberry, sugar apple
Vegetable flavors: Yam, tomato, basil, corn, bitter melon, ginger, taro
Liquor flavors: Beer, brandy, Kinmen Kaoliang liquor
Tea flavours: Oolong tea, jasmine tea, chrysanthemum, green tea
Spicy flavours: Wasabi, curry, pepper, mint
Salty flavors: Pig’s feet, pork floss, tofu, sesame oil stewed chicken
Various flavors: Lotus seeds, ginseng, osmanthus, jujube, rice cake

I had no high expectation on local ice cream especially in Asia, as milk is a scaricity product.  I ended up selecting  a scoop of Basil and Curry flavoured ice creams.

I was impressed how creamy the ice cream was, similar creaminess to ice creams that you get back home in New Zealand.

The Basil Ice Cream had the right amount of basil in it such that it was not too overpowering but enough so that you can actually taste the basil.  its sharp, pungent taste blends nicely with the richness of the ice cream.

The Curry Ice Cream had a slight hint of curry, it was not as spicy as I hve thought it would be.  Very tolerable. actually I quite enjoyed it.  surprisingly creamy with a bit of the curry spice kick at the end

Location:  65, Wuchang St Sec 1, Jhong Jheng District, Taipei City



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