www.misopeckish.comGasoline is a small little cafe on the corner of Woodword St and The Terrace serving coffee (who roasts their own coffee beans) and toasted sandwiches with a small selection of counterfood and salads. The menu is on a small blackboard on the wall behind the counter offers toasted sandwiches (a choice of three fillings, $7.50), salads (chicken, salmon, avocado; all about $11), a soup of the day ($9.50) and a few toast-and-spread options for breakfast.   There are a number of tables and bench seating inside with a couple of smaller tables outside.       Toasted Sandwich – cheese, corn and ham on white or brown bread.  Plus 1 opted for brown bread on this occasion.    The bread was cut from a loaf, not the sliced sandwich breads you get from  the supermarket.   It was nicely toasted till golden brown and the cheese slightly melted. Salad of chicken was  a bit boring to say the least.  Handful of mesculen leaves where some of the leaves were slightly wilted,  a few slices of smoked chicken breast with a good squirt or two of mayonnaise layered on top which I did not enjoy, as I had to scrap more than half of the mayo to the side as it was just to much.   The salad also comes with two thick slices of bread in which you can choose between brown or white   Location:  93 The Terrace, Wellington

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  1. Raymond says:

    Wow, you sure eat out a lot. You are living my dream. Going to so many places and eating so many amazing foods! I am so jealous.

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