Ajigen Ramen

Soup (1 of 1)-4Ajigen Ramen is perhaps one of my favourite ramen stores and is a must visit every time I am in Tokyo.   Ajigen is a tiny ramen shop that specializes in Hokkaido ramen.  While Hokkaido is mostly known for miso ramen, miso is in fact specific to Sapporo, hence the first bowl listed on the menu is Sapporo Miso ramen.

Unfortunately the menu is in Japanese,   but I can get by from the colour coding of the ticket machine which is located just inside the door:






















  • Green – Tonkatsu
  • Yellow – Miso
  • Purple – Soy
  • Blue – Salt
  • Red – Spicy

If you need help you can always ask one of the staff members (who have limited English) or one of the patrons who probably would have been English.

Once you have decided on what flavour ramen you want, going across is the size and the amount of toppings.   Usually one large bowl is enough to two people, however if you are extra hungry you can always order a bowl each.


I always order goyza and ramen together.   The goyzas here are fairly large which is cooked to order, filled with pork and cabbage, they are fairly juice and pipping hot.  Simply delicious.


Tonkotsu Ramen – Full of flavour and simply delicious.  Perhaps not the most healthiest ramen, but certainly worth its  weight in calories.  Ramen noodles are cooked to al dente.


The cha sui is simply delicious.  Fairly lean and full of flavour

Miso Ramen – Miso ramen is Plus 1 favourite again nothing to fault with the ramen.   The broth is full of deep flavours.


Spicy Ramen – Just a word of warning we ordered this ramen once before and boy was it hot (spicy hot).  I could not finish it it was that hot and ended up ordering  a tonkotsu ramen.    definitely not for the faint hearted.  unfortunately I do not have a photo of this ramen.

This is a great little ramen bar serving a good selection of flavoursome authentic ramen at reasonable prices.   Food is served fairly fast, as this is not the type of restaurant for you to sit around all night.  You don’t see many tourists dining here which is a plus as we are always able to get a seat with a very short wait time during peak hours

Location:  26-6-1F Udagawa-Cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



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