Tendon Tenya

www.misopeckish.comTendon Tenya is an affordable chain tempura restaurant  in Tokyo.  and one of the must try items while you are in Japan.  Tempura in Japan is like no other. Light airy, crispy and not too greasy

The poster boy for cheap and good tempura, Tenya is a fast food chain with more than 500 stores in Japan. A basic Tendon (tempura-donburi) with ebi and vegetable is only ¥500.

The tempura here may  not be the best tempura, but is decent and definitely fills the belly for a small price.  without breaking the bank.  you can choose to have either Soba or Udon in either hot or cold.


I went for the All Star Tempura and Soba Set consisting of prawn,large squid,scallop,maitake-mushroom, lotus root and eggplant to share as we were not very hungry with cold soba.


The food was served in no time and was cooked fresh.  The tempura itself was hot, light,  crispy, not oily and crispy.  We were delighted with the tempura that we decided to order more side dishes.  Extra prawn tempura and maitake mushroom.  the cold soba is delivered on a bamboo tray with some dipping sauce where you dip your soba into.  the soba is good to perfection where it is not overcooked.  mind you the chef dips the soba into hot boiling water for a few seconds  and runs it in cold water.

Vegetable Tempura Don and Soba Set consisting of sweet potato, eggplant, maitake-mushroom, green beans, lotus root×2 and pumpkin×2 was again delicious with hot and crispy tempura.  It included a bowl of rice where  it was topped with the tempura and a bowl of soba.   Definitely a very filling option for those who are very hungry.


Octopus and Seaweed Salad – simple yet delicious.  Large chunky octopus that was slightly pickled, and the seaweed fresh which did not taste of the sea.  Definitely a good side dish.


Will definitely be back for more. Good value for money without breaking the bank, delicious and quick.  Now that I have come to realise this place is a chain I will search for other places that is closer to where I will be staying next time.

Location:  Shinjuku Higashiguchi, Chuo Dori, 3-31-2, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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