Go Go Curry

www.misopeckish.comGo Go Curry specalises in katsu curry (specifically Kanazawa Curry) on rice.    You will not miss the yellow gorilla sign .  The original Go Go Curry started in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, home of Major Leaguer Hideki Matsui. The name of the restaurant comes from his jersey number 55 (pronounced “go go” in Japanese). Matsui merchandise is available in the restaurant.

Kanazawa Curry is completely different from other curry rice since all the meat and vegetables are cooked until it melts, which thickens the curry. Curry’s color is almost black when others are brown and shredded cabbage is added on the side.

Tonkatsu and Chicken katsu are very popular toppings for curry. Go Go’s dishes come in large portions, and if you find it’s too much, you can request a smaller rice serving.

First impressions of the restaurant is similar to an american diner for some reason. Lots of  clippings, posters merchandise on the walls and the fact that were were seated in these bench seatings that you find in an american diner.


You will have to purchase your order through a ticket machine, which is only in Japanese. The people at Go Go Curry speak very little English, but just point at picture or tell them what you want to eat and they should push the correct button for you to purchase the ticket. You can add various toppings, which will be shown in picture at the very bottom of the ticket machine including additional curry sauce as well. Also, amount of rice comes in various portions and larger the portion more expensive it becomes. 

Grand Slam – Pork and chicken katsu, 2 sausages, prawn and egg.   When the plate had arrived it seemed like a Japanese version of a big fry up (aka big breakfast, with sausages  and egg).   I am unsure how one person can eat all of this as Plus 1 and I share this dish.


The katsu were cooked to perfection, hot and crunchy.   The curry was fairly thick, rich and dark, now I understand what Kanazawa curry is.

This is not a place where you would go to celebrate something important but more of craving for katsu to fill the belly.  Would I come here again?  Maybe not.   I am not into large servings of food.  especially when it is served with sausages  which reminds me of a breakfast item rather than lunch or dinner.

Location:  3-31-5 ShinjukuShinjuku, Tokyo

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