Miyatake Sanuki Udon

Having visited the Tokyo Sky Tree Town without actually going up to the sky tree due to a a few reasons being expensive and long queues.  Instead we took some pictures of it and find some lunch at the food court downstairs in Solamachi.

The place that looked the most interesting and something we have yet to experience on this trip was udon noodles.   We headed to Miyatake Sanuki Udon which speclises in sanuki udon that is characterized by its square shape and flat edges.


Miyatake Sanuki Udon is a self service udon store,  where you order a udon dish with your choice of garnish  (there is a large selection to choose from as your base), then you help yourself to the various tempura to go with your udon at an extra charge depending how much and what you get.

The udon is cooked to order, which takes no time.  As you wait for your udon to be cooked, you can see staff constantly making fresh udon noodles to meet demand out at the back.


Shirashi Udon – Udon noodle in soup with whitebait.   Since whitebait is hard to get and expensive in New Zealand, I took the liberty in ordering this.


We accompanied the udon with some tempura  prawns, eggplant and kakiage.


The udon was simple, thick, yet delicious with one exception, the lack of broth, which is partly due to me running downstairs to get some goyza by which time the udon had soaked up much of the broth,which left some awfully thick udon.


Even though there was a queue for the udon and various tempura, the tempura can be cold from sitting on the shelf for a short period of time.  Most of our selected tempura items were luke warm.  I personally prefer mine to be hot.   I found the eggplant tempura to be slightly oily for my liking, so I passed it on to my mum to polish off.

Simple, delicious, fast and cheap.  Definitely a good belly filler for those with a limited budget.

Location: Solamachi, 2 Chome-18-12 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan


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