Duke Carvell’s Swan Lane Emporium

www.misopeckish.com Heard good reviews for Duke Carvells, so Plus 1 and I decided to come here for brunch.   Duke Carvell is owned by the brothers Leonardo and Lorenzo Bresolin, who brought you Scopa and Crazy Horse.  

We arrived early in the morning with lot of seats still available both indoors and outdoors.  We decided to sit outside to enjoy the wonderful sunny day.  We placed our orders, and not to long after our dishes came out.


The decor and vibe is aristocratic with lots of interesting things displayed on the walls which keeps your eyes occupied.



We did not bother ordering coffee as we wanted to go elsewhere for coffee so we settled for water instead.

Duke’s Dawn – eggs, bacon, chorizo, mushrooms, Dukes rosti, slow roasted tomato and toasted sourdough was just that.  There was no sauce over the eggs eg. hollandaise and was slightly overcooked where the yolk did not run.  The menu stated ‘mushrooms’ but what was offered was half a medium portobello mushroom – seriously?.  The bacon was cooked so much that it was far to hard to even bite or break in half with my hands.  The worst thing of all, it had no flavour.  You would always expect bacon to be salty, but this was not salty in the slightest.   The entire dish lacked seasoning.


Pork Belly Sandwich – roast belly, braised onion, pickles, rocket and apple sauce with fries and aioli.  according to the waitress is one of their popular items and recommended this to us.   the pork belly came out with the skin on, which was not crackling was either hard where you could not even attempt to eat it while other parts of the crackling was rubbery.   It was a fairly fatty piece of pork in which the entire sandwich had no taste.  The only flavouring I could get was from the pickled Gherkins and the garlic aoili for the fries.


The fries were fat chunky chips that that was tripled cooked.    The fries were to fat for my liking.

Service was indifferent.   They asked how everything was going, I told them that both dishes lacked seasoning and some items were over cooked.    The waiter ignored my comments and went straight back inside.   I do not understand how this place gets good reviews, perhaps it trades on the owners reputation, unfortunately on this day, the food does not match the owners reputation.   I certainly will not be returning any time soon nor recommend this place as there are better brunch places in Wellington than Duke Carvell’s.

Location:  3 Swan Lane, Te Aro, Wellington

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  1. John says:

    Thank god for an honest review about this place n these guys finally! There food was good at best a few years ago in welly havin bought out owners for places such as scopa n crazy horse but now with so many more exciting places in welly ppl just to go spot the facial hair! It should get top marks for preteniousness!

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